Received Career Advice? Pause, And Consider Your Source, Underclassmen In The NFL Draft by Don Yaeger, Leadership Speaker

February 23rd, 2018

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I get it.  I probably (ok, certainly) won’t hear my name called among the 250+ players picked during the 2018 NFL Draft on April 26-28.  Sadly, there are countless others who have written this letter to Roger Goodell that are in the same boat as me – they won’t hear their name either.

But don’t think I’m stopping there. Before the week is out I’m writing Adam Silver (NBA), Rob Manfred (MLB), Gary Bettman (NHL) and even Ethan Sturm (Major League Quidditch) letting them know I officially announce my eligibility for their leagues and associations, as well!

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This Is the Only Way You’ll Get An Angry Customer to Calm Down by Myra Golden, Customer Service Speaker

August 8th, 2017

Myra-Head-Shot-300x300If your customer is raising his voice, cutting you off, or is clearly upset, he is stuck in the right side of the brain. To help this customer calm down, you’re going to have to move him to the left side of the brain. No other approach you take will defuse anger if you don’t first move over to the left brain.

Psychologists talk about what they call the communication chain. The communication chain says that when a person puts out a verbal message, they expect a response to that message. That first message is a link in the communication chain. If there’s no response to the link, the chain is left unlinked, or broken. Read the rest of this entry »

Conquer Scarcity Thinking by Tim Sanders

June 9th, 2017

Tim Sanders helps audiences to learn how to lead, sell, and care more by laying out the foundation of teamwork – instead of scarcity.

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Attracting and Retaining Millenials by Karen McCullough, Generational Management Speaker

April 11th, 2017

Regardless of how you may feel about Millennials, they are the ones who hold the keys to the future. Attracting and retaining the top talent from that generation is critical for businesses and organizations to grow.

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Survival Skills for Business by Yossi Ghinsberg

January 19th, 2017

This year, Yossi Ghinsberg’s experience in the Amazon will be released as a major motion picture starring Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe. Bring Yossi in to speak at your next event and your attendees will be mesmerized by this true adventurer​! Watch an excerpt from his talk below.


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3 Steps To Achieve Successful Leadership Habits by Tom Flick, Leadership Speaker

November 18th, 2016

I’ve been asked many times, “Are great leaders born with their abilities, or can these characteristics be learned?” I’m here to tell you that leaders aren’t predestined at birth, they’re made out of choice; crafted by their character, anchored by their values, and proven by their habits. Most anyone can learn to be an effective leader; it just takes practice, patience, and honing the right skills. The beautiful thing about leadership habits is that they’re powerful not only at work, but in other parts of life. Great leaders, those who impact peoples lives, don’t merely act that way in certain situations, they’re leaders who display it in all areas of their life. In coming posts, I’ll share with you how to build the foundation to start becoming the outstanding leader through your habits and behaviors.

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TA DA: Happy Employees make Happy Customers by Joel Zeff, Leadership Speaker

September 23rd, 2016

I always start my presentations with a TA DA! The whole audience stands up. We count to three, stretch our hands high in the air and yell out “TA DA!” People laugh. Some audience members applaud. And then we do it again. We all need a TA DA.

After more than 1,700 events, I don’t think I have met one person who didn’t yell out a TA DA. I have seen accountants, lawyers, IT, sales people, maintenance men, truck drivers, surgeons, teachers, white collar, blue collar, and people from around the world all TA DA. If there is one thing we can all agree on, everyone likes positive support and appreciation. And that is the secret of TA DA. We all want to “TA DA!” We just don’t want to admit it.

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Living In The Moment by Chad Hymas, Inspirational Speaker

August 16th, 2016

Have you ever had a moment in your life where something clicked and it all seemed so clear that you couldn’t believe it? I have had a few such moments in my life and I would like to share one with you.

It had been a few months since my accident, and I would follow the same routine. I’d get up, transfer to the electric chair, go into my office and shut the door. I would sit for hours, dwelling – pondering – fearing what my future looked like – for me and my family.

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BEING or FINDING? Which is More Important? by Lauren Schieffer, Business Speaker

April 5th, 2016

Recently, during a conversation at a networking event I was asked, “What is more important – being significant, or finding significance?”

Well, the answer is… both.

As I’ve mentioned before, being significant involves how many lives you touch and the positive impact you have on those lives. You can’t BE significant until you discover (find) your own unique significance. Each of us is imbued with a unique significance, and until you discover, define and own that significance, you can’t impact the world around you.

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Change is Mandatory…Stress is Optional by Garrison Wynn, Business Speaker

March 2nd, 2016

When the pain of what you are going through becomes greater than the fear of change, you change … but I recommend you avoid most of the pain, embrace the change and adjust.

Perhaps embracing change is not your nature. So how do you bring yourself to a place where change is less traumatic? The first step is to realize that change is always coming. It’s also helpful to acknowledge your emotions about the change ahead; don’t stuff your feelings! If you’re not honest about how you feel, you can easily end up resenting the need to comply with or adapt to the inevitable. Any resentment you harbor can negatively affect your ability to adjust quickly. It can also hamper your willingness to ask for help when needed. Don’t wait; learn the new way, and realize that it takes more guts to ask for help than it does to think you don’t need any help!

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