Funiversity ™ Teaching Individuals and Organizations How to Create Their Own Positive Driven Culture

  • Funiversity ™ speakers and trainers are available to educate, entertain and engage your audience to higher levels of positive performance
  • Keynote, Training Session’s and Support Materials Available – the format that best fits your organizational learning or your event needs!

Funiversity ™ is the choice of higher learning for those who are open to serious fun with serious results.

“Fun” is positivity at work. Learn to put positivity to work at your organization to increase personal and organizational performance. Bring a Funiversity ™ certified speaker, trainer, educator or author to your organization or event or attend a local Funiversity ™ program!

Tony Brigmon, co-founder of Funiversity ™ is known for being the former “face” of Southwest Airlines’ fun, positive, high performance culture. He was named their official “Ambassador of Fun” – a key “insider” relied on by the CEO to help drive their fun, positive, high performance culture internally with employees and externally with customer organizations.

The Funiversity ™ educational format and program is Tony Brigmon’s unique blend of best-practices he’s learned in his highly successful and highly visible years in corporate America combined with his own training concepts refined over years of speaking, training, educating, entertaining and consulting.

At Funiversity ™ you finally get what no other high school, college or university offers: What to say, what to do, how to cultivate shared knowledge and goals to becoming a more a positive, high performance individual, leader and organizational culture.

Each audience member who graduates from Funiversity ™ walks away with a certificate to display with key points of the presentation (a mini-semester of education in positivity) along with materials available to support the session.

Graduates of Funiversity ™ can receive a PhD from Funiversity ™. A PhD from Funiversity ™ says something special about YOU. It says you are …

  • P – Phenomenal (You have a phenomenal skill set or quality/attribute)
  • h– humorous (You have a humorous way about you that engages and ignites others)
  • D – Delightful (You are delightful in the eyes of another because of an unexpected delight [gift] at an unexpected time of your time, talent or means.)

Funiversity ™ is a fun, positive experience for your audience that will educate, engage and entertain and help your audience perform at their peak long after the event has concluded.

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