Bob Pritchard – Client Testimonials

Bob has performed over 1570 presentations in 53 countries, below are just 30 seconds sample of his amazing testimonials

Wow! A jolt of energy our top 200 executives will never forget. His incredible global marketing experience created a powerful impact”.
Michael Tilmant – Chairman – Netherlands.  The world’s largest banking/financial services and insurance conglomerate by revenue
Rittal GmbH
Motivational and inspirational presentation. You demonstrated to our management from 50 countries, how we need to look after customers. People are still talking about it a month later”. 
Willi Schmid – Executive Vice President… $4 billion turnover, 10,000 employees.
India Retail Forum
We thought the presentation would be motivational. What we got was a new direction on how to approach the digital revolution. The power, the reach and the impact of your presentation was one we had never seen before. It was full of thought provoking insights. You really stole the show. Thank you”.   
Gurpreet Wasi – Marketing & Conference Director,  2500 global retailers.  One of the top 5 retail conferences in the world.
An extraordinary presentation; informative, challenging, interactive and motivating”      
Willy Biewinga – Global Managing Partner.  200,000 professionals in over 150 countries. revenue $32 billion per annum.

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About Bob Pritchard

International business troubleshooter for 30 years, global business radio show host, author of 5 best selling books, over 1500 speech presentations in 53 countries, winner of the ‘International Marketer of the Year’ and many other prestigious awards. Prior to every presentation, Bob researches the environment in which the company operates, determines the likely challenges, evaluates their attributes and crafts a presentation to address their exact needs. Known for straight talk, simple, logical, practical outside the box solutions to differentiate businesses and products and drive success. Bob is very educational, funny, energetic, interactive and entertaining.

Bob Pritchard always receives rave reviews, BMW describing him as “the best speaker we have ever heard at a conference”. Tim Draper, the Prince of Silicon Valley, the creator of viral marketing, responsible for Hotmail, Skype, Baidu and many others says of Bob Pritchard’s new book, Kick Ass Business and Marketing Secrets – How to Blitz Your Competition -“Bob demystifies all that is sacred in business and marketing. If you read it, they will come”. Edwin Bessant, chairman of Ceuta Healthcare Group, market leader in 85 countries says – “Bob has worked with our multi-award winning business on a variant of business subjects. He is inspirational and colorful with an impressive proven and sustainable track record. I challenge anyone not to gain a fresh and innovative insight from this exceptional book”.

A consultant to Fox Studios, Darling Harbour in Sydney – the fifth largest Olympic Games site in history; Marketing Director for Formula One; 91 Fortune 500 clients; Featured on 60 Minutes; A plethora of articles in Business and Marketing Magazines globally; Created and implemented “100 Years……100 Movies” for the American Film Industry; Guest lecturer at USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, Macquarie, Stockholm and 2M Universities worldwide. Pritchard’s radio show on VoiceAmerica Business attracts 246,000 listeners on 5 continents and is an educational tool for entrepreneurs, early stage businesses and SME’s. Pritchard is described as a genius of vision, a great motivator, communicator, businessman and marketer. As a speaker he is known for his extensive research, dynamic delivery, meticulous preparation, with practical take away value, filling conference rooms across the world. From 8 family members in one room as a child to international success, Bob Pritchard is an extraordinary achiever.

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