Andres Lara

Homeless at 16, Millionaire at 26; The Cuban Guy

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
Traveling From: Florida

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Andres graduated with honors from Montclair State University with a major in Speech Communication and a minor in creative writing. He is the author of several international-selling books including "Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within" which is » Read Full Bio

Andres graduated with honors from Montclair State University with a major in Speech Communication and a minor in creative writing. He is the author of several international-selling books including "Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within" which is published in Korea, Africa, and USA; "How To Stay Motivated During Difficult Times" and "The Finish Line"

He has appeared in famous radio shows and been featured in countless news papers all around the country. He's currently the CEO of A. Success Training, former president of Inspiration Magazine, and a national known speaker.His messages reach millions every week in 33 countries around the globe. But what inspires his audiences the most is that he has accomplished all that by the age of 24.

Yet not everything came on a silver spoon for him. You see, at the age of 16 he escaped from Cuba. He arrived to America not knowing a word of English, without his parents, without any money, and was even homeless for a while.

How was he able to turn his life around? How did he go from living his worst nightmare (living on the streets) to living his dream? What inspired him? What had him succeed in spite of all his challenges?That’s what he will reveal in his sessions.

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College Orientation Program
Do you know that 46% of college students who drop out of college will do so during their first semester in college? It's during this transition time when the students are the most vulnerable and lack the most confidence. This session How To Move Forward When You Feel Like Quitting During Your First Year in College is designed to help students break through thoughts of uncertainty, doubts, and the lack of confidence that comes with the unfamiliarity of a new journey. But most importantly, it is designed to help students transition with confidence. This program is extremely interactive, fun, inspirational and is only performed for College Orientations.
Hispanic Heritage Month Program
A research study found five general characteristics of successful people 1-commitment and determination 2-creativity, self-reliance and ability to adapt 3-leadership 4-opportunity obsession 5-motivation to excel. Hispanics and Latinos, in this country, are those who were dissatisfied with the status quo in their homeland and were willing to do something about it...willing to take leadership for their lives. Leaving everything behind to start a new life with nothing says lots about their commitment, determination, and motivation to excel. And the fact that they've made it this far is a testimonial about their self-reliance and ability to adapt. By being Hispanic or Latino, weather you have realized it or not, you are by default among a very small percentage of the population that possesses vital characteristics ... characteristics possessed by a very small elite group which are usually referred to as .... successful people. If your parents were the one who immigrated to this country, you are still among this group because you grew up around this environment. This program How Hispanics & Latinos Can Move Forward To Challenge The Status Quo is only performed for College students during Hispanic Heritage Month.
How To Move Forward When You Feel Like Quitting, Becoming Unstoppable
Do you know the number of times the average person tries something before they quit on it? The number is zero. Do you know the main reason why most people don't take action on their dreams? Fear of failure. Yet if you study history, you will find that some of the most successful people of all times have had significant failures before they accomplished something monumental.
How To Influence Others With Charisma, How To Speak So Others Listen, Follow, & Take Responsibility
Is there lack of cooperation in your working environment? Do you wish others will take responsibility for their actions? Are there times when conflict escalates to the point where people feel uncomfortable among each other? Do you have to constantly follow up on others to make sure a task gets done? If so, this workshop can help.
Staff Development Training/Employee Training/In Service Training
Imagine a working environment where employees and associates look forward to come to work, where your employees feel connected to one another, where there's a sense of comradery, where people think of work as fun and they are always in tune with their mission. Imagine a working environment where complaints are low and morale is high, where employees take ownership for their actions, and are self-motivated because work stands for more than work's a cause which gives meaning to their every action. This program: How To Fall In Love With Your Job When You Feel Like Hating It is only done for Staff Development Training, Employee Training, or In Service Training.


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