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With a driving passion to see people succeed, Darren Ford has enjoyed a very successful career that has crossed several industries as well as several countries.

Darren spent much of his early professional years in the IT industry, first selling » Read Full Bio

With a driving passion to see people succeed, Darren Ford has enjoyed a very successful career that has crossed several industries as well as several countries.

Darren spent much of his early professional years in the IT industry, first selling advertising and marketing services to industry heavyweights such as Hewlett-Packard and Dell and later managing a team of business development professionals with a software reseller. As both an individual contributor and manager of a regional sales team, Darren was a top performer, helping his customers reach their own customers as well as their business objectives.

Darren’s first “reinvention” took him and his family to Bulgaria where he was headmaster of a small school. After living in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, for four years, Darren returned to the U.S. and founded NexGen Leadership, a nonprofit organization committed to teaching leadership and life skills to high school and college students.

Most recently, Darren worked for Santander Consumer USA, a large financial organization, first as the Director of Employee Development and later as Vice President of Culture and Engagement. In this role, Darren led the charge to develop a corporate culture that would allow employees to be happy and satisfied while doing their best work.

Darren now leads ProCulture Consulting, an organization dedicated to building engaging corporate cultures and engaged employees. During interactive and entertaining keynotes and workshops, Darren presents the concepts and principles that are critical for organizational and personal success. Darren holds nothing back as he challenges employees to “step up and be accountable” for their work. His message will challenge and motivate people to perform at their greatest ability and “stop trading hours for dollars.”

In addition to presenting information from his book 3 + 4 Equals Success: Skills and Mindsets Needed for Career Growth and Satisfaction, Darren also delivers a message that revolves around the greatest generation to ever hit the workplace, the Millennial generation. Knowledgeable, talented, and with a predisposition to changing the world, Millennials are entering the workforce in droves. The Millennial Challenge: How to Unleash Today’s Young Talent will explain how to attract, retain, manage, and motivate this unique worker.

A VP of Talent Acquisition said, “Darren is an engaging and impactful speaker. His common sense approach to corporate culture and values is refreshing and inspiring.” Another HR professional simply said, “Darren has that ‘it’ factor.” Whatever you call it, Darren has the ability to connect with any audience, from frontline associates all the way to the executive suite.

Darren lives in Carrollton, Texas, with his wife of 25+ years and has three boys, Austin, Jared, and Jason.

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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

3 + 4 Equals Success
Based on the book by the same name, attendees will explore the three skills needed for personal and professional success. Along with these skills, attendees will ask themselves four questions (Darren will provide the correct answers). Understanding and choosing to implement these skills and questions will lead to personal and career success and satisfaction.
The Millennial Challenge
Millennials, those people born between 1985 and 2000, are a unique generation. They think differently than previous generations and are driven by different things. So how can business take full advantage of these young workers? During this presentation, we'll explore how to attract Millennials and, once they are hired, how do companies retain, motivate, manage, and develop this growing workforce.
Delivering World-Class Customer Service
Customers are more demanding than ever and delivering a great customer experience is difficult. So what does it take to satisfy customers? How do you keep them happy? And how do you get them to spread the word about your world-class service? More than anything, how does internal customer service impact external customer service?
How To Become a Top 100 Employer
One weapon in the war on talent is corporate culture. What is culture? Does it help your recruitment and engagement efforts or hurt them? How do you become a Top 100 employer and what are the benefits?
Leadership, What Is It and Where Is It?
We hear a lot these days about a lack of leadership. And in today's VUCA world- Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous- leadership is needed more than ever! But what is leadership? What is a leader and where do we find them? Are you a leader?


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