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The Communicator; Expert on the topics of Talent Development, Sales Training & Communication

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
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After graduating from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Ken began writing presentations and pitch meetings in the Financial Services Sector for companies such as Lehman Bros., Bank of Boston, Fidelity Investments, and Entertainment » Read Full Bio

After graduating from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Ken began writing presentations and pitch meetings in the Financial Services Sector for companies such as Lehman Bros., Bank of Boston, Fidelity Investments, and Entertainment Companies such as Disney, MTV and Warner Bros., and speaking on a variety of business topics. His passion for “word-smithing” earned him the moniker, “The Communicator.”

He later authored Tapping Potential: Achieving what you want with the Abilities you Already Have; Front & Center: Presenting Ideas Clearly, Concisely and with Confidence; and The Bamboo Principle: The Roots Beneath Results—a book and training program that develops individual and collective talents, and enables people to make their greatest personal and professional contribution. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, refers to The Bamboo Principle as “an enlightening, inspiring book which details your path to achieve sustainable personal and professional growth.”

Ken has delivered over 2,500 career presentations in five countries, and is widely regarded as a content expert on the topics of Talent Development, Sales Training and Communication. He has spoken to scores of Fortune 100 companies, and has been featured on Fox and NBC news as a subject matter expert. He is in demand because be blends solid information in clever and memorable anecdotes that inspire listeners.

Organizations invite Ken to speak–and to deliver his training programs–to accomplish their Talent Development and Succession Planning initiatives, inspire audiences, and promote Social Responsibility projects. He works regularly as a behind‐the‐scenes coach to leaders in Business and Entertainment; he lives in Los Angeles and several airport terminals.

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The Bamboo Principle
The Roots Beneath Results (The Foundation First Approach to Sustainable Success): What distinguishes great companies and high achievers from those who merely possess talent? The Bamboo Principle answers this question with details of the core behaviors behind achievement, while debunking many myths surrounding success. Using bamboo as the metaphor for Strength, Versatility, and Contribution. The Bamboo Principle shares the 7 Roots great companies and high achievers share. Are they overnight successes, or was it their "foundation first" philosophy that enabled sustainable success? The Bamboo Principle details the process that topples misleading notions of quick hits and sudden success, and replaces them with a proven game plan that pays faster dividends.
Check Your Zipper (Priceless Advice for What to do When You are the Center of Attention)
After twenty years of writing, delivering and coaching presentations, Ken has arrived at one conclusion, There is a wealth of expertise in business that is eclipsed by poorly planned or misguided presentations. All the best intentions fail unless there is a storyline, a specific objective and limited audiovisual.
Tapping Potential (Achieving What You Want with the Abilities You Already Have)
Tapping Potential is the culmination of Ken's work with organizations and individuals around the country. It's the answer to the perpetual question, Am I living my potential, or sitting on a powder keg of untapped talents? He has identified and shares the core behaviors that enable people to consistently tap their potential. He asks you to consider, If this is true, then what will I do? Brace yourself for immediate application steps you can use the following day.
The 4 Aces of Communication (Keys to Winning Sales Presentations)
Written for new and experienced sales professionals, this keynote introduces the new model for prospect and customer engagement. While most sales efforts are presentation-driven, and follow a "tell method," The 4 ACES details a "dialogue method" that reveals buying motives and prospects needs first. While amateurs build complex PowerPoints delivered in the dark to unimpressed listeners, the real pro's are assembling sales-dialogue questions, and targeted presentations that eliminate sweeping product generalities. Like the adage, You can tell someone is smart by the answers they give; you tell they are wise by the questions they ask, the best sales people are those skilled at asking the right balance and breadth of questions. Learn to demonstrate credibility and an interest in the customer they do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.
Presentation Coaching
Along with keynote speeches, Ken Lodi is a sought after speechwriter and presentation coach. We live a world where communication reigns as the primary driver in persuasion, sales and credibility. When great ideas are poorly presented, they are perceived as bad ideas. From Twitter to Webinars and PowerPoint, there is a premium placed not only on the quality of your ideas, but on the intelligence and clarity of message delivery. Opportunities are won and lost daily based on the caliber of your skills in front of listeners. How confident are you? Do you have a proven process for creating content and rehearsing, or do you randomly address each opportunity?


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