Michael Pasternak

The World's Funniest Meeting Crasher

Fee Range?: $5,000 fee range
Traveling From: California

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Michael Pasternak is “The World’s Funniest Meeting Crasher”

The Raves:  Michael’s client referral list looks like the Fortune 500.  Be sure to click on the video links to not only see him in action, but to see and » Read Full Bio

Michael Pasternak is “The World’s Funniest Meeting Crasher”

The Raves:  Michael’s client referral list looks like the Fortune 500.  Be sure to click on the video links to not only see him in action, but to see and hear video testimonials from corporate meeting planners, CEO’s and association executives that rave about what Michael created for their meetings, banquets or trade shows.

The Program:  Wandering in unannounced, and posing as either the hotel “maintenance worker” OR as the iconic “COLUMBO”, what follows is a hilarious personalized program that’s written, created and tailored entirely around your very group. With fun comedic bits about your key people and what makes your company or association unique… you laugh the hardest when you're laughing at yourselves!

As “Rocco, the Maintenance Worker”, he interrupts or “crashes” the meeting or banquet (at a pre-arranged moment of course) in order to fix a problem. Turns out he’s got the wrong room on his work order.   The embarrassed Rocco starts to leave, but not before “recognizing” some faces which launches him into this one of a kind personalized program.  Or as an incredible alternative

Imagine everyone’s surprise when COLUMBO (complete with that rumpled raincoat, notepad and cigar stub) wanders in the room!  He “crashes” the meeting looking for jumper cables, only to return seconds later with those famous words… “Just one more thing!”  Now the fun really begins.

Those surprise entrances are great vehicles to get into the room…but it’s what  “The World’s Funniest Meeting Crasher” says about your key people in the conference that really sets this program apart from all others!

 As opposed to “generic” stand-up, this is Clean, Corporate, Customized, Comedy…with a purpose!

Each personalized program not only adds levity to a “typical” meeting or banquet…it brings everyone together as a team, as long-time and newer members get to know each other in a fun and unique way.

Perfect for international sales meetings. After all, COLUMBO is a true world-wide icon who is extremely popular throughout Asia, South America, Germany, France, England and literally the entire world.

Need a Master of Ceremonies?  What a way to make an entrance and then take over as the Emcee.

Multiple Appearances throughout your event.  Imagine after the initial appearance, “The World’s Funniest Meeting Crasher” wandering in to the next day’s Breakfast Meeting. After all, that’s his M.O., to keep popping up unexpectedly. After calling five or six audience members up to the front of the room, what follows is an interactive and always hilarious "COLUMBO” or “ROCCO, The Plumber” LOOK-A-LIKE CONTEST" starring your group!

A truly unique TRADE SHOW spokesperson.   Whether your booth holds 5 or 105, The World’s Funniest Meeting Crasher will turn your exhibit into the most talked about one of the show!  In what appears to be a “typical” presentation, someone is up at the podium introducing the company's new product line. "You-know-who" wanders in and grabs a seat in the audience!

Your program instantly becomes comical, memorable and informative as either COLUMBO or ROCCO (this time as the “convention center plumber”)  interrupts the "flustered" spokesperson with his hilarious and pointed questions, which actually serves to highlight and drive home those points you really want your buyers to hear!

Michael Pasternak is  “The World’s Funniest Meeting Crasher”…the perfect blend of business and humor for your corporate event.


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How many PowerPoint presentations can a sales force listen to? By adding a little levity (and a lot of laughter), the attendees will actually retain even more of the message you want them to receive. Think of this program as an inspiring "power nap!" AND, if the information you are covering is especially technical or tedious, let COLUMBO and his one-of-a-kind delivery help you convey it in an entertaining way!
This is the perfect time to highlight your key people and have everyone rolling in the aisles! There's no better way to make your event more memorable than with a surprise, personalized program with the "Lieutenant!"
Personalized anecdotes about the honorees and their co-workers are really what an awards ceremony is all about! As much fun as this program is, it also motivates, increases productivity, and brings the group together as a team! Newcomers instantly feel like part of the group as they laugh it up with established veterans, and get to know each other in a fun and unique way!


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