Reactions to Geoff Colvin’s Presentation

Geoff Colvin was “amazing”, “awesome”, “fantastic”, “wonderful” & more

Geoff Colvin received survey results from two events he did for one of the world’s largest multinational professional services firms last month. Here are 91 comments from one of the event surveys below.

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Domestic Tax Conference post-event survey

2he was wonderful!
3He was great
4Very informative
5Great insight on how the technology will affect not just products but also tax and in reducing the friction in our work.
6Very interesting and inspiring. One of the highlights
7Excellent – engaging and entertaining speaker with relevant content
9Fantastic speaker!
10Perfect, very applicable and well spoken
11I enjoyed him…he was interesting and his topic was very relevant
12Excellent; very good examples that we could relate to and utilize going forward.
13Very good
14Excellent – applicable to any industry/professsion
15Fantastic speaker who helped his audience pull back from focus on tax-specific topics that often demand a disproportionate amount of time.
16I thought he was an excellent speaker, very dynamic and easy to follow but not because his content was shallow.
17He was awesome, relevant, and interesting!
18Loved him.  Ordered the book over lunch break.
19Presented very interesting information and a new way of thinking.
20I very much liked Geoff Colvin, I might buy his book and read it. I like that it wasn’t so tax based, but overall business based.
21very entertaining.  I would have utilized him as a lunch speaker and filled the time for more tax specific breakout sessions.
22Geoff had great insights on today’s business environments
23I thought Geoff was a very interesting speaker who held my attention the entire hour.  I loved how he inserted humor into his presentation.
24He was excellent
25He was a very engaging speaker and the topic was spot on. With all the discussions around bots it was reassuring to hear they will still need humans!
26I disagreed with his use of Tesla as an example of a company that creates significantly more value than its competitors and other companies since Tesla has been only infrequently profitable and the “value” he referenced is based on speculation at this point. Otherwise good presentation.
27Great speaker, very interesting.  Provided a lot of insight into the arising questions about what will happen to ‘work’ with the advancement of technology, and the role humans will play.
29Geoff was great.  Very entertaining and informative.  This was a great addition to the program.
30Mr. Colvin was very interesting and inspiring. He was able to keep my attention and interested on the topics
31Absolutely fantastic.  Very enjoyable and interesting.
33excellent!  I learned and he was a great speaker
34Excellent Speaker, with some insightful perspectives regarding his subject matter.
35Great presentation
36I enjoyed his talk very much & was on point with issues we are facing today.
37great speaker – enjoyed his presentation very much
38Fantastic – god job getting me to think about continual progress and future state.
39He was very inspirational and engaging.
40Not sure completely relevant to a tax department… but good concepts to apply to employees in general.
41Excellent!! I could have listened to him speak for another hour (or more).  Great insights into how companies make a difference in the economy by making bold decisions.
44I thought Geoff was outstanding and his topic was very relevant
45excellent, very insightful
46Very interesting keynote speaker
47Excellent speaker who captivated the audience with very interesting material and topic.
48Mr Colvin was a very engaging speaker.  He really kept the audience’s attention. I must say that I don’t agree with his premise that soft skills and socializing with co-workers are the most critical skills that employers seek these days. Those are important skills, but in our profession, technical skills and knowledge still rule the day
49He was extremely interesting.
50Very inspiring topic, we created the AI, we can do better with empathy, creative problem solving together, storytelling!
51He was great!
52He was engaging, but I would have liked to hear from someone in tax.
53Really engaging speaker with a wonderful topic and interesting message
54Loved the keynote speaker – very relevant for the varying ages of the audience.
56He was excellent!  Great morning speaker to start off the conference.
58Outstanding and relevant
59I enjoyed his presentation
60I thought the keynote speaker was FANTASTIC. Such an interesting, yet important topic for this day and age.
61He was excellent!  Made me think!
62Keynote was interesting and funny.
63Amazing speaker.
64Entertaining and thought-provoking
65Thought his presentation was interesting.
66he was great speaker and challenged the way we think about the world
68As noted above, this was my favorite part of the conference.  He was a great speaker that really held my attention.
69I really enjoyed Mr. Colvin.  He brought a entirely different perspective to the conference.
70Keynote speaker was insightful and entertaining. Very well done!
71Very engaging
72Excellent speaker.  Very thought provoking
74Hi discussion was very good and he made it entertaining to keep the audiences attention.
76He was AWESOME!! I would love for him to come back.
77Very informative and insightful
79Thought he was very engaging and interesting.  I really enjoyed his presentation.
80He was great. I loved being able to laugh. He provided great insight!
81Excellent! So glad EY brought this speaker to DTC.
82good concept – was appropriate to the audience
83Excellent topic and highlight of key skills we need going forward
85Very interesting to listen to.
86Great, made delivery very relatable and touched on tax-tech topics in a very interesting way.
88He was very inspiring and held the audience’s attention.  He obviously has done his research and knows that empathy and caring are what is needed in the workplace
89brought in interesting ideas and examples
91very good speaker

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