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Leean Hendrix

  • Former Miss Arizona
  • Featured in Al Roker Productions - Brain Attack: A Stroke Survivor's Guide
  • Guest Appearances on Larry King Live & NBC Today Show
Fee Range: Call For Quote

In 2002, Leean Hendrix was on top of the world. The 26-year old former Miss Arizona was confident, ready to take on any challenge. That all changed when a stroke robbed her… » Read Full Bio

Meagan Johnson

  • Bright, Funny, Delightfully Obnoxious Generational Humorist
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

Meagan Johnson graduated from Arizona State University Business School with a BS in Marketing. She spent several years working in sales for companies like Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods and Xerox. At every… » Read Full Bio

Scott & Joan Bolzan

  • Brain Injury Survivor
  • Author of the best-seller "My Life, Deleted"
  • Former NFL Player and Pilot
Fee Range: $12,500 - $15,000

With a “never give up” attitude Scott Bolzan has persevered through the loss of his first daughter, drug addiction of his son, career defeats and challenges as an NFL player, becoming a… » Read Full Bio

Troy Evans

  • Was sentenced to 13 years in Federal Prison
  • Motivational Speaker to Corporate, Association & Education platforms
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

For over 15 years, Troy Evans pursued a career as a self-employed addict, drug dealer, gambler and thief. Evans risked his life and sacrificed his family to satisfy his need for money,… » Read Full Bio

Amy Van Dyken

  • FOX Sports Correspondent
  • 6-Time Gold Medalist
  • ESPY Female Athlete of the Year Winner
Fee Range: $15,000 - $17,500

Amy Van Dyken is one of the most decorated Olympic female swimmers of all time, winning a total of six Gold medals. Van Dyken didn’t expect to exceed in swimming even though… » Read Full Bio

Joe Malarkey

  • The Worst Motivational Speaker in America!
  • As Seen on "60 Minutes"
  • Humorist, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

Joe Malarkey is The Worst Motivational Speaker in America!® Energy-packed and fast-paced, the JoeMalarkey one-man-show pokes fun at all of the tried,trusted and clichéd motivational classics. But best of all,Joe leaves you… » Read Full Bio

Barry Asmus

  • Senior Economist for the National Center for Policy Analysis
  • Experienced Keynote Economic Policy Speaker
Fee Range: $12,500 - $15,000

Dr. Barry Asmus is a Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis. Dr. Asmus has been named by USA Today as one of the five most requested speakers in the… » Read Full Bio

John Rhode

  • Biggest Loser Season 12 Winner
  • Appeared on numerous NBC affiliates across America
Fee Range: $12,500 - $15,000

John Rhode was born and raised in Kennewick Washington. John was one of the strongest athletes to attend Kennewick High School. Life had become very difficult for John after becoming overweight by… » Read Full Bio

Mark Mayfield

  • Mark Mayfield is a "can't miss comedian" and a captivating speaker
  • Solid Business Wisdom... Brilliant Comedic Style
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

It’s seldom that you find a really funny, clean comedian and it’s seldom that you find a really good, captivating speaker. It’s nearly impossible to find one who is both. Mark Mayfield… » Read Full Bio

Steve & Annette Economide

  • Acclaimed, Common Sense, Personal Finance Strategies!
  • NY Times Best Selling Authors
  • The Money Smart Family
Fee Range: $5,000 fee range

Steve and Annette Economides (Econo mee’ dis) were married in 1982. At that time, Steve worked as a graphic designer earning $6.50 per hour, while Annette stayed home to figure out how… » Read Full Bio

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