Scott Friedman

2004-05 President of the National Speakers Association; Perfect fit for kick-offs, closings, lunches, and midnight snacks.

Fee Range?: $5,000 - $7,500
Traveling From: Colorado

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Scott Friedman, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional), 2004-05 President of the National Speakers Association, is the author of 3 books and co-author of 4 others. Scott’s latest book, The Celebration Factor, is a practical handbook » Read Full Bio

Scott Friedman, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional), 2004-05 President of the National Speakers Association, is the author of 3 books and co-author of 4 others. Scott’s latest book, The Celebration Factor, is a practical handbook on how to bring more celebration into both your organization and your life. Based on Scott’s extensive global research, interviews, and years of speaking around the world, this book offers strategies and examples from leading organizations that are successfully creating cultures of celebration in their workplaces. Scott’s book Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs – Ten Surefire Ways of Adding Humor to Your Presentations is the perfect resource for those looking to connect with their audience, whomever that may be. This book outlines effective methods for engaging an audience through humor and storytelling.  His book, Using Humor for a Changeoffers many great, illustrated ideas to lighten up the workload.

An internationally recognized professional, Scott speaks on a variety of topics over 80 times a year.  Although his main area of focus is employee innovation, celebration, and customer experience, Scott also specializes in using humor as a tool in sales, speaking, and adapting to change. His varied experiences have brought him success in many industries including: hospitality, meetings, real estate,insurance, health care, education, government and just about any association. Scott’s greatest strength is his ability to customize the perfect program to fit the needs of any particular group.  His improvisational comedy training, quick wit, and engaging material make Scott’s programs both content rich and a bunch of fun! He is a perfect fit for kick-offs, closings, lunches, and midnight snacks.

As an established and trusted member of the speaking community for many years, Scott continues to have a strong presence both domestically and globally. In 1988, as the President of the National Speakers Association of Colorado, he founded the Meetings Industry Council of Colorado, a coalition of professional meetings industry-related organizations. The council’s underlying purpose is to strengthen the relationships among participating organizations through increased communication. In 2002 Scott was awarded the International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB) Pace Setter Award, given annually to an individual outside the IASB who played an integral role in partnership with IASB to further advance the speaking industry. The IASB recognized Scott for successfully developing and executing “an alliance between the NSA (National Speakers Association) and IASB [to encourage] partnering among bureaus and speakers to further advance the client relationships that serve both.” In April 2005, Scott’s vision brought the first Global Speakers Summit to Singapore. 300 international speakers and meetings professionals from 20 countries attended this event.

Scott now spends 30% of his time speaking throughout Asia and other locations around the globe. His international clients include Singapore Airlines, the Singapore Government, Gold Fields of South Africa, Young President’s Organization, Hyatt Asia, HSBC and many Fortune 1000 companies.  He offers all his clients a global and culturally sensitive perspective on how to get more out of work and life.  Scott is always sure to do his homework to make certain that all groups feel at home no matter where they might be.

Treat your organization to a fun-filled, interactive, and content-rich program that’s guaranteed to inspire and entertain attendees. Participants will come away with tools to enhance their work, their lives, and their future helping them to live happily ever laughter.

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Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World's Most Admired Organizations
Imagine a workplace where productivity is at an all-time high, where employees are happy to come to work every day, where resources and people are matched to their strengths and are recognized accordingly, and where the notion of "stress" has been replaced with a sense of authentic enjoyment and fun. No, this is not an image from one of the Disney Park-this is YOUR workplace, your people, and your reality! With Scott's Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World's Most Admired Organizations, as your guide, you'll learn how to transform your workplace for the better, from the top to the bottom line. Scott's extensive research reveals the great need for transformation in today's fast-paced, stress-inducing workplace. He offers a refreshing; contrarian message conveying how taking work too seriously is paradoxically undermining our greatest potential personally, professionally, and financially. The good news? The best antidote to all this pressure in the workplace is "surprise!" through celebration. With lighthearted humor and refreshing honesty, Scott shows you how to turn grievances into gratitude, dismay into play, and failure into lessons learned, ripe for celebration. His universally-accessible style incorporates case studies from "mom-and-pop" shops to billion-dollar corporations. He weaves the latest pertinent research together with ready-to-use examples showcasing the power of the "celebration mindset" in action. Turn employees and customers into advocates as you celebrate all that is good in your organization.


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