Stephen Shedletzky

Leadership & Start With Why Facilitator; Partner Speaker for Simon Sinek "Start With Why"

Fee Range?: $12,500 - $15,000

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Stephen stands to engage people in meaningful ways so that we live in a more fulfilled world.

He supports leaders to build cultures where people feel inspired, safe and fulfilled, and guides individuals, teams & organizations to find, clearly » Read Full Bio

Stephen stands to engage people in meaningful ways so that we live in a more fulfilled world.

He supports leaders to build cultures where people feel inspired, safe and fulfilled, and guides individuals, teams & organizations to find, clearly articulate and live their Why.

Stephen challenges teams to assess their relationship with technology, bringing the perspective that perhaps what we believe brings us together, is the very thing that isolates us. Though technology is a powerful tool, Stephen believes that when we disconnect from it, we are more able to connect, create and innovate.

As the founder of his company, InspirAction, and Head Engagement Officer with Simon Sinek’s team at Start With Why, Stephen serves those inspired by the movement to inspire and live in service to others. In his engaging and dynamic style, Stephen speaks, leads workshops, consults and coaches to help leaders and organizations discover, articulate and live their Why – their driving purpose, cause or belief. He also co-hosts and co-produces the Start With Why Podcast, downloaded in over 150 countries.

Stephen graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business with an Honours in Business Administration, focusing on leadership, communication and strategy. Stephen has worked with leaders internationally, with clients from the Business Development Bank of Canada, Boeing, Columbia Sportswear, the Ontario Provincial Police, Rutgers University, Travel Alberta, and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.

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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

Start With Why; Bringing "The Golden Circle"to life
Stephen shares a powerfully simply idea, discovered by Simon Sinek, called "The Golden Circle" and builds upon it with examples and stories that bring it to life. This simple idea explains how great leaders, companies and organizations that inspire us are able to do so naturally and consistently. "The Golden Circle" unravels the mystery of how we must think, act and communicate to inspire others. Here's a hint: it's not about changing who we are, it's about understanding who we are.
Start With Why & Leaders Eat Last
What makes great teams and organizations pull together. Some organizations have cultures where their people are able to trust each other so deeply that they would literally put their lives on the line for each other. Other cultures, no matter what incentives are offered, are doomed to infighting, fragmentation and failure. Why? This keynote talk takes a slightly more general approach to each concept and provides a clear link between the two. It draws on Simon Sinek's two books, Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. Combining an alternative way of thinking with real life examples and stories, Stephen explains how great organizations inspire the right fits to join their cause, then create a culture that naturally breeds trust and collaboration.
Leaders Eat Last
How leaders can harness the natural drivers that exist in all of us to create remarkable results. Stephen draws on material from Simon Sinek's second book, Leaders Eat Last, and his own examples of working within extraordinary teams, to explain how leaders can harness the natural biological drivers that exist in us all to create an environment where people are inspired to cooperate to create remarkable results.
Why Discovery for Teams & Organizations (Workshop)
Designed for business units or organizations who want to discover and articulate their Why. As simple as the Why concept is to understand, one of the biggest challenges a team or organization will face is clearly articulating its purpose, cause or belief, its Why. While it may be felt, it can be difficult to put into words. Finding the words for our Why is the first step in being able to effectively communicate it. Until it can be put into words, it's very difficult to put it into action and nearly impossible to scale. Inspired by Simon Sinek's Why Discovery Process, this workshop focuses on helping teams or organizations find and articulate their Why in simple language that inspires action.
Why Discovery for Individuals (Workshop)
Designed for individuals within organizations to discover their Why and take inspired action. When we clearly understand our own Why, we can gain a greater sense of purpose within our organizations, contributing who we are at our best. And when we are at our very best, doing work that matters to us, the natural result is greater fulfillment. This is not only good for us, but contributes to the vision and the long-term progress of the organization.



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