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Accelerate Your Impact as a Business Leader; Author on leadership, innovation, and branding

Fee Range?: $17,500 - $20,000
Traveling From: Missouri

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Dan Coughlin works with executives and managers to improve their impact as business leaders. His focus is on helping these individuals improve their organizations in the areas of execution, innovation, and branding in order to generate better » Read Full Bio

Dan Coughlin works with executives and managers to improve their impact as business leaders. His focus is on helping these individuals improve their organizations in the areas of execution, innovation, and branding in order to generate better sustainable profitable growth. He believes that effective business leadership is the foundation for building a strong economy.

As a keynote speaker and seminar leader from Maui to Budapest and everywhere in between, Dan is one of America's most practical business teachers. He combines real-life stories from his management consulting work with in-depth research of the audience. Dan's experience as a keynote speaker includes Marriott International Sales & Marketing Western Region Conference, GE Capital National Leadership Conference, The Prudential Forum, Toyota Financial Services National Sales Conference, Abbott Laboratories Global Regulatory Conference, McDonald's USA National Leadership Council, BMC Software International Sales Managers Conference, Denny's Association of Franchisees International Conference, Prudential Capital Group National Team Leader Conference, Jack in the Box International Franchisees Conference, Ace Hardware Retail Group Leaders National Conference, Jiffy Lube Association of Franchisees National Conference, Land O'Lakes National Sales Conference, Kiewit Construction Leadership Conference, Boeing St. Louis Leadership Association, Rockwell Collins Leadership Club, Shawnee Mission Medical Center Board & Management Retreat, Annual Meat Institute National Conference, Roush Fenway Racing Annual Sponsor Summit, and many more. 

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Accelerate Your Impact as a Business Leader
Can one person make a real difference in a business? In this highly interactive, high-impact session, Dan Coughlin explains why the answer is a resounding yes. Leadership is influencing how other people think so they make decisions that improve results. Coughlin explains practical ways to lead in any size organization. Based on his 3,000 hours of on-site observing and advising of executives in over forty industries and on the more than 2,100 Executive Coaching sessions he has provided, he debunks the traditional myths of leadership and shows how any employee can impact the way other people think and drive better sustainable business results.
Feed Your Brand Every Day
Your organization's brand is like a person. It needs to be fed intelligently every day in order to stay healthy for long-term success. In this session you will learn practical ways to feed your brand every day to differentiate your organization in the marketplace. A great brand is a magnet that attracts people to you who want to buy from your organization. When your brand is strong, it makes selling exponentially easier. When your brand is weak, it makes selling exponentially harder. Your brand is the value customers think they receive when buying from your organization or potential customers think they will receive if they do buy from your organization. Your brand is not what you want to be. It's what customers and potential customers believe you are right now. Dan Coughlin, who has worked with executives at such great brands as Toyota, McDonald's, Marriott, GE, Coca-Cola, Subway, RE/MAX, Jack in the Box, Shell, Abbott Laboratories, and the St. Louis Cardinals, provides penetrating insights into the dos and don'ts of building the brand you want. He explains the importance of defining and owning a performance category that matters deeply to customers and will generate the financial outcomes your organization desires. He demonstrates how an obsession with undisciplined experimentation can ruin a brand and destroy the sustainable, profitable growth of an organization.
Build Teamwork that Works to Win
Many business groups are not teams. They're a collection of silos. Teamwork happens when individuals support one another toward achieving meaningful objectives. This requires focused collaborative effort and open, honest, and respectful communication over the long term. At the heart of debilitating communication is a lack of respect for other members of the group. Dan Coughlin has worked closely with business teams in more than forty industries and interviewed more than 800 people to understand what they feel makes their organization effective and ineffective. He has seen the disciplined, selfless attitude necessary to win consistently in a constantly changing marketplace as well as the multiple issues and drama that bubble up from self-centered behaviors that ruin business performances.
Innovate to Generate Sustainable, Profitable Growth
A business innovation is the creation of more appropriate value for customers that they will pay for at a profitable margin to the organization. It has to be both, more appropriate value than the customer already has and a profit-generator for your business. One without the other is insufficient. Companies that avoid continuous innovation put themselves at risk of becoming extinct. Dan Coughlin demystifies the process of innovation, and makes it simple, clear, and practical. He explains how successful business innovators boldly walk away from a lot of good ideas so they can focus on a few great ideas. He explains the importance of prototyping to save time and money. If you want your organization to propel itself beyond today's performance level to generate sustainable, profitable growth, this is a must-attend session.


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