Eric Boles

Former NFL Player; Business Owner, Speaker, Consultant

Fee Range?: $17,500 - $20,000
Traveling From: Washington

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Eric Boles is the President of The Game Changers Inc, specilaizing in helping Leaders, Teams, and Organizations perform and compete at higher levels and Manage and Lead the changes of today's marketplace.

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Eric Boles is the President of The Game Changers Inc, specilaizing in helping Leaders, Teams, and Organizations perform and compete at higher levels and Manage and Lead the changes of today's marketplace.

Eric is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker and consultant for some of the most respected organizations in the world. His expertise is in Leadership, Team Dynamics, Managing Change, Peak Performance and Personal Growth. Eric's clients include Starbucks Coffee, Southwest Airlines, National Assn of Realtors, State Farm Insurance, Dunkin Donuts, Alaska Airlines, State of Oklahoma, Aflac Insurance, IRS, US Army Rangerss, Knowledge Universe, US Navy, Jack in the Box and Thermal Fisher Scientific.

Prior to becoming an authority on Teamwork, Leadership and Personal Development, Eric learned many principles of high performance, team dynamics, and leadership from his playing days in the National Football League with the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers. Eric had the privilege of being coached and mentored by some of the finest minds in the game such as Mike Holmgren and Pete Carroll.

Eric is an avid reader, golfer and sports fan.He is married to his wife Cindy, has two daughters.

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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

The ATTITUDE of the Peak Performer
1. Define attitudes and identify the qualities of peak performers. 2. Using words as tools to predict and perpetuate peak performance. 3. Explore the difference and impact of fear, incentive and attitude motivation. 4. Define emotional intelligence and its impact on performance and managing change. 5. List the components of three-dimensional attitude formation. 6. The difference maker. What separates the High Performer from the Average Performer.
1. Support the premise, "How you see yourself controls your attitudes, abilities, income, relationships, health, dealing with change etc." 2. Defining and designing a peak performance self-image. 3. Explain how your self-image determines your comfort zone and effectiveness level. 4. Breaking free from limiting comfort zones and ruts.
1. Identify and prioritize values. 2. Why peak performance must be created twice. 3. Interpret the concept, "Seldom do you exceed your self-imposed limitations and your expectations." 4. Effective goal-setting and achievement through change. 5. Create a "tool kit" to live daily in alignment with your uppermost values and goals.
1. All meaningful and lasting change starts first in the imagination and then works its way out. 2. How to use Creative Imagination and Relaxed Performance for Peak Results. 3. Creating the Peak Performance Plan of Action. 4. The 90-day Plan. 5. Training Partner, Peak Performance Peer Accountability.
Fearless Leadership
We need - Fearless Leaders - now more than ever who can lead courageously. With all the challenges and uncertainty in the world today it easy to let fear influence you. Perhaps the greatest challenge that many of us will ever face in life is the conquest of fear and the development of the habit of courage. Fear has always been the greatest enemy of mankind. Letting fear get its grip on you can cripple you both personally and professionally.
Leading Change in the New Reality
Leading has never been easy, but it has never been more challenging than it is today in this "New Normal" or "New Reality". The customer has never been more demanding, the competition never more stiff, the employees increasingly less engaged. All the while, industry changes and technology advances continue coming at a faster pace. Plus, despite all these demands, many leaders are being asked to accomplish more with less.
Moving to Great (Keynote)
How do you get to the next level? You may be in a "rut" or you may be doing incredibly, but the pressure from all around you demands that you "up" your game. You can't rest on your past successes, and the good ole' days are gone forever. You cannot be left behind. You don't want to be left behind. Where do you get the energy and the strategies to move to the next level while the competition and the stress increase? Some of the limitations you identify may even be mental and self-imposed. How do you get of your own way and move forward?
More Than Winning
Challenges audiences to go the extra mile and succeed through hard work with a higher level of excellence.
Increasing Human Effectiveness
Shares with audience ways to implement change & efficiency among their employees and within themselves.
Living Courageously
Inspires audiences to take on challenges that will advance them into different areas of life.
Managing the Rapids of Change
Shares how to take on change responsibly by being prepared.
Courageous Service
Building Legacy Teams
Conquering Complacency
Leading with Purpose
Power of Diversity


  • Management Skills
  • Motivation
  • Peak Performance/Mental Performance
  • Sports


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