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Frequent Guest Speaker at the United Nations and the United States White House; Executive Director of the International Charity Red Eye; TEDxWatts Organizer

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Justin Mayo is the Executive Director of the international non-profit Red Eye and Founder of the Youth Mentor initiative. These programs have built relational bridges, creatively connecting various demographics of humanity, for over 10 » Read Full Bio

Justin Mayo is the Executive Director of the international non-profit Red Eye and Founder of the Youth Mentor initiative. These programs have built relational bridges, creatively connecting various demographics of humanity, for over 10 years. 

Featured in publications ranging from Forbes, InStyle, People, Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, Modern Luxury and Success Magazines, a frequent guest of both the United Nations, UNICEF, Young G8 Summit and The White House and has met with Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton amongst other world leaders. Justin's heart is for young Culture Creators, Influencers and Leaders to utilize their life platforms to give back to society. 

Growing up in an influential family, Justin knows well of the pressures that come with living life under the microscope. After completing his Masters Degree, he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he was a Youth Communications Director before he moved back to Bel Air.

Mayo recently moved to a loft on Skid Row between the LA Mission, Downtown Women Center and Mental Health Center to be amongst some of the demographic he serves. He has been working tirelessly with a team located around the globe to further develop what today has emerged as a compelling non-profit of Culture Creators, Influencers and Leaders in key cultural cities around the globe! Red Eye currently has chapters in Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, London, Paris and Sydney.

When Justin is not spending his time on the streets of Skid Row or neighborhoods of South Central and Watts Housing Projects, he thrives in empowering corporate, governmental, non-profit, and educational groups through his role as a professional public speaker. He breaks down stereotypical walls and helps people realize that their voice matters and makes a greater impact than they know.

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Being a Carrier of Hope
Investing into lives can revolutionize a person's entire life destiny, but this work often includes long days, unrecognized sacrifice and very few words of affirmation. In a culture that is longing for a true sense of family and community, how can a person keep investing into lives when the need feels so great and the resources appear so limited? How one answers this, can make a world of difference.
Humanizing Humanity
Justin Mayo is a firm believer we should "treat everyone like the true VIP that they are. It doesn't matter if they are living in a penthouse in NYC or on the streets of Skid Row." Because of this, he has given his life to uniting homeless and at-risk communities with professional, influential communities. He believes it is imperative that we connect one cultural extreme to another. In 2015, he moved to the heart of Skid Row. Instead of faces on the street, the homeless became his neighbors and friends. For the past 10 years, he has led a youth mentoring program in Central Watts every Saturday. Both the Bloods and the Crips gangs gave him their approval to work with their children, something that has never been done before. In his presentation, Justin moves the hearts of attendees with touching personal stories and inspires them to join the movement. His presentation explains the importance of community service in a way that will cause your audience to want to change their world.
The Unsung Hero
Society often celebrates those in the "spotlight" and overlooks those in the shadows. Yet, if it wasn't for those doing the behind the scenes work, the "spotlight" would never shine and the "stage" would never be set. Real generosity toward the FUTURE lies in giving all to the PRESENT. While most dream of making an impact "someday", history is being shaped by those that are making today matter. People will forget what you SAID. People will forget what you DID. But people will never forget how you made them FEEL. Every human deserves to be celebrated yet sometimes we simply need to be reminded we are all part of a TEAM and that our role in this larger story matters. When the focus isn't on who gets the glory, it is remarkable what can be done. HISTORY will be good to us, because TOGETHER, we shall write it, creating a better tomorrow, TODAY.


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