Kathleen Passanisi

Professional Speaker, Humorist, Author; Fortune 500 to cancer survivors, women's groups to trauma teams

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
Traveling From: Missouri

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A New Perspective, a Solution, a Partner,the Antidote to Dull Meetings; and that's only the beginning. . .

Fortune 500 to cancer survivors, women's groups to trauma teams. What does this wide range of clients have in common? A New Perspective! » Read Full Bio

A New Perspective, a Solution, a Partner,the Antidote to Dull Meetings; and that's only the beginning. . .

Fortune 500 to cancer survivors, women's groups to trauma teams. What does this wide range of clients have in common? A New Perspective! Since 1987, Kathleen Passanisi has helped thousands change their outlook and their lives one laugh at a time through her engaging and entertaining programs.

An internationally recognized speaker, humorist, medical professional, and author, Kathleen brings substance, style, and clean hilarity to her universal content, guaranteeing a successful meeting and a lasting impact on those involved. During her high-energy programs, your participants will learn how to reduce stress, improve well-being, enhance creativity, and make life at home and work more fun! Whether you want to begin your conference with a bang, perk up the post-lunch, or end on a high note, each presentation is custom tailored to suit your exact goals and needs. Audiences say they feel like she's been looking over their shoulders for a month.

Kathleen is the recipient of the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence (Speaker Hall of Fame) and of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. She is the author of It's Your Life- Choose Well: Thoughts on Living a Happier, Healthier, Saner Life Now- Not Someday and contributed to Humor Me–America's Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Kathleen is an expert in the field of therapeutic humor and its impact on health and corporate morale and is the self-proclaimed poster-person of the Sandwich Generation. She is the funniest woman in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri and quite possibly the Western Hemisphere.

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It's Your Life Choose Well (Living Life by Design)
Good choices are the foundation of living a happier, healthier, saner life. But most people get so bogged down in the endless details of everyday life that they never stop to think about the choices they are making-and the costly results. Life can be a pleasure and much more satisfying when you consciously choose well. IT'S YOUR LIFE-CHOOSE WELL is a presentation based on Kathleen Passanisi's book by the same title. It is grounded in good science and designed to get results.
Invest in Your Best Asset-Your People
An environment that fosters a balanced life is second only to good workplace relationships when it comes to attracting and retaining high-performing employees. Today's workers want a full life - whether they are 25 or 65 years old. And with tough competition for talent, it is vital that companies focus on what motivates people. Salary and benefits alone are not enough. Neither is flextime, nor a forty-hour workweek. Understanding and respecting each employee's values and needs, then aligning them with the company's mission, is the vital driver to success for everyone. People living balanced lives flourish and so do the companies that employ them. A sense of balance and contentment comes from using one's time, energy, and talent in ways that add meaning to life. Using powerful insights and proven techniques, ADD LIFE TO YOUR BALANCE SHEET teaches people how to do just that.
Humor at Work (Laughter as a Profit Center)
Humor is no joke when it comes to the bottom line. Stress costs American companies $300 billion a year.1 This is no laughing matter. In most companies, a dizzying pace, increasing demands and constant change are the status quo. But humans are not wired to withstand so much pressure. Eighty percent of workers are stressed out; fifty percent say they need help managing stress.2 Companies need to act quickly to deal with escalating health care issues, dwindling productivity, and increasing employee retention costs.
Humor for the Health of It (Immunize Against Stress)
Stress is a worldwide epidemic.1 Who is affected? And is it contagious? In today's complex world, 80% of workers are stressed out; 50% say they need help managing stress.2 And in business, stress takes a toll on quality of care, morale, team work, and the bottom line. Humor can be a cost-effective and therapeutic tool in health care if your staff is trained to use it.
Ladies, Life, and Laughter (The Role of Humor in Keeping Women Healthy, Happy, and Sane)
Women are more likely to worry and less likely to be happy, especially between the ages of thirty and fifty. Ask a woman of any age what causes her stress and she will ask how much time to have to listen. But ask what the remedy is and her eyes glaze over as she ponders the question. For most women, life is usually crammed with pressures, obligations, and an unrelenting schedule. Good news! An antidote is available around the clock-and it is FREE. Kathleen Passanisi is particularly gifted in finding the humor in hassles and challenges facing women. If the stress in your life makes you want to cry, she will help you learn to laugh instead. No kidding.


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  • Women's Conference
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