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Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Storyteller, Author, and Comedian

Fee Range?: $5,000 - $7,500
Traveling From: North Carolina

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Growing up Kelly Swanson was the outcast - the kid they threw things at on the bus. She spent most of her life trying not to be noticed - trying to blend in. Kelly carried the belief into adulthood that to be successful meant to look like everyone » Read Full Bio

Growing up Kelly Swanson was the outcast - the kid they threw things at on the bus. She spent most of her life trying not to be noticed - trying to blend in. Kelly carried the belief into adulthood that to be successful meant to look like everyone else. But she wasn't like everyone else. And it got really exhausting trying to be. And really boring. So one day Kelly cast aside the expected life, dusted off the gifts she had been hiding, stepped out of her comfort zone and on to a stage as a motivational speaker and comedian. And she didn't look back. And guess what. It turned out that being different isn't such a bad thing. In fact, it's a great thing. In fact, it's everything.

Kelly Swanson has learned that it's not blending in that makes you a success, but standing out among the crowd. So now she is sharing her journey with audiences - to take them from blending in to flying high above their comfort zones. Kelly wants to share the mindsets and behaviors that she had to break, and the new attitudes she had to adopt. She wants to share the many ways she has learned to stand out in a crowded market. Want in? Kelly sure hopes so. Get ready - to STAND UP AND STICK OUT! with Kelly Swanson.

As a motivational speaker, award-winning storyteller, author, and comedian, Kelly writes custom keynotes using comedy and stories to teach audiences how to stand up and stick out in their particular market. Her goal is to make audiences laugh, to motivate, to entertain, encourage, and deliver a remarkable and unforgettable experience. In addition to being a speaker, Kelly is also a creativity coach.

Hold on to your seats, because Kelly has just taken the keynote experience to a whole new level by using the art of professional storytelling to actually transport audience to another place (her tiny town about a mile and a hair past nowhere) where her truths are played out through the stories she tells and the characters she becomes at the slightest tilt of my head. So it's not so much what makes Kelly different - as who - because she brings an entire wacky cast of southern characters who will work their way into audiences heads and then into their hearts. Audiences will laugh a lot, cry a little, have a renewed passion for what they do, and, yes, even learn something in the process. Kelly Swanson is a five-star motivational speaker in a small town package.

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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

Laughing Your Way To A Healthier You, Where Health and Humor Meet
Learn to love the body you have, while working for the one you want because it's not about looking like a princess. It's about feeling like one. She's just the spoonful of sugar you need to help the medicine go down... For many of us, it's not in knowing what to do where we fail, it's in actually DOING it! All the knowledge in the world will not help us reach a healthier state of being without being motivated to do it. We need to learn to love ourselves at every stage- because when we love ourselves we make better choices. So buckle in as Kelly takes you on another hilarious and powerfully motivating journey to a happier healthier self. She will make you laugh a LOT (which burns calories by the way), cry a little, learn to love yourselves again (bulges and all), and cultivate a healthy attitude and a fresh perspective on how good health can make everyone happy. Attendees will learn how to Motivate themselves to set realistic goals and reach them, Love the body they have while working for the body they want, Review the negative attitudes that are holding them back, Develop a fresh perspective, and Understand the connection between good health and living the life they want.
How to deal with Change
Join us as Kelly Swanson takes us on a hilarious and thought-provoking journey through change, from learning to laugh at what we can't control, to reframing our perspective, to creating a healthy culture of change in life and in the workplace. You'll never look at change the same way again.
STAND UP AND STICK OUT, How To Be An Effective Leader
Knowledge is no longer power; connection is power. Our ability to connect with people is our greatest asset in leadership. So how can we connect with people? How can we go from manipulation to influence? How can we go from telling them what they need to do, to inspiring them to take action on their own? Kelly Swanson will teach you the secrets of connecting to people to establish trust and earn respect.
Cultivating Powerful Business Relationships
Now, more than ever, your ability to succeed and excel in life and business depends on your ability to communicate. No matter what you are selling - products, services, or wise advice - people buy YOU first. Rapport and trust are developed long before the sale. Relationships are everything in business.
How To Pitch Like a Pro
Many sales people equate delivering information with a sales presentation. Giving information has no impact on your prospect. You want to go beyond delivering information and speaking to their mind - to speaking to their heart and making an emotional connection. Sales Presentations are about far more than spitting out product information - but about establishing trust and rapport - making your client trust you and want to hear what you have to say.
Being Good Enough Is No Longer Good Enough
In today's market being good enough is no longer good enough. Quality service and quality product is your ticket into the game. Winning the game is about something more - going beyond good enough. And it's not so much about being better, as it is about being different. How will you stand out among your competitors? What makes you different?
Going From Polite Applause to Standing Ovation
Maybe now you have realized that being a good speaker is not something that comes naturally - it takes work and practice. Maybe now you have realized that there are a thousand other speakers talking about the same thing that you are - some with more credibility than you. Maybe now you have realized that just telling people what they need to do makes you a mediocre speaker who will be forgotten by lunch. Maybe you have finally realized that there is no better marketing than a fantastic speech. Let Kelly help show you how.
Creating Remarkable Relationships with Patients and Co-Workers
Quality healthcare goes beyond healing the patients -to delivering a remarkable patient experience - to cultivating relationships with your patients and with your healthcare team. We talk about the importance of creating a stronger team and the importance of connecting with our patients. But do we really know how? Are we too focused on steps, and not focused enough on motives? Have we lost sight of the bigger picture? Let Kelly come in and help you take a step back and look at the attitudes and motives that help you.
Christian Comedy - Powerful Message - Outrageously Inspiring
Many people use the words inspirational and motivational in different ways. Here's how Kelly uses them: Inspirational - spreading hope of a spiritual nature. Motivational - encouraging people to see the value in themselves and what they do and to take some sort of action. Kelly can do both.
Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?, How to hang on to humor when life doesn't go the way you planned
Kelly's hilarious and powerfully moving program that is PERFECT for community events for women. It makes you laugh, encourages you to see beyond your obstacles, and shows you how to laugh in the face of stress and change.
A Healthy Heart Is a Happy Heart, Laughing your way to a healthier life
This is a program designed for women's health events. Same humor, same motivation, but with a message encouraging and teaching women tools to help them deal with stress in a healthy way.
The Worn Out Women's Conference, Finding Balance in the Chaos
There is no question about it - women are worn out - some to the point of snapping. Why? Because most of us are doing too much - working off a list of things to do that is unrealistic and doesn't match our real priorities. Let Kelly come in and help you find your way back to sanity.
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Dealing With a Sabotaging Self Esteem
Getting Rid of the Mindsets and Attitudes That Are Holding Us Back. - For most women the biggest obstacle standing in our way - is US! What we believe about ourselves is a direct link to what we will achieve. Let's take this chance to take a look at that mental script running through our head, so when we look in the mirror we like what we see.
The Art of Writing and Delivering Comedy
Funny sells. And Kelly can help make you funnier. No matter what your style of humor, or how you want to use it, Kelly can show you ways to add humor to your line of work.
The Art of Finding, Writing, and Delivering Stories
If you want to have impact, stories are an incredible tool of influence. Stories allow you to show your message instead of telling it. Stories are remembered much longer than you are. But not just any story. It has to be a story told well. And there's nobody better person to help you with your stories than Kelly Swanson. She will helps audiences find them, write them, and tell them in a way that is powerful and fun!


  • Motivation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork/Team Building
  • Women's Health


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