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Lauren Ann Schieffer grew up military, in an Air Force family, “hitting the road” to a new station every couple of years. This imbued her with incredible people skills, a profound in-dependence and the ability to adapt to changing » Read Full Bio

Lauren Ann Schieffer grew up military, in an Air Force family, “hitting the road” to a new station every couple of years. This imbued her with incredible people skills, a profound in-dependence and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Lauren’s professional path began behind a receptionist desk at a moving company. Thankful for the work but not satisfied with the growth potential, she built an independent business with the world’s leading cosmetic company where she rose to the top two percent of the company’s management force while recruiting, mentoring and inspiring countless women to create their own version of success.

Unfortunately, she has also walked some very dark and scary roads in her lifetime. She has waged battle with and recovered from eating disorders. In addition, Lauren has sur-vived not one, but two sexual assaults. Lauren’s life journey has brought her to the conclu-sion that what happens to you in your life is not as important as how you choose to respond to what happens to you in your life.

Now, as a recognized expert on respectful conflict management, and the driving force be-hind High Road communication, Lauren has inspired tens of thousands of people nation-ally and internationally to shake off mediocrity and aspire to excellence and personal influ-ence.

Lauren’s book, Road Signs on the High Road of Life has been listed by LifeStyles Maga-zine in their top ten Best-of for Corporate Gift Giving and is recommended by multiple treatment facilities across the country as a “must-read” for those in recovery.

Lauren leads by example because she simply refuses to place limits on herself. She shows others how to expand their comfort zones to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. She has a passion for guiding others – women, men, executives, managers, employees and entrepre-neurs alike – in their quest to pass through good and grasp great; to pass beyond survival and into triumph.

She also makes sure to have some fun along the way – because if you can’t have a little fun along the road, why travel it at all?

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The Ten Building Blocks of High Road Communicators
The greatest hindrance to growth in any organization, or in any individual career is poor communication, both up and down the ladder. Most people are promoted (or not) based on how they relate to others instead of their talent or skill level, and so many projects fail because of lack of - or poor communication. In this signature session, Lauren has steeped down the core competencies of effective, respectful communication into a simple, easy to understand progression of Ten Building Blocks.
Before it Comes to Blows!
The most successful and dynamic people (and businesses) learn how to resolve conflict before it starts, and create an atmosphere that fosters understanding and expression. These skills do not typically come naturally, but they can be learned!
Are My Co-Workers Aliens?
Are you getting this? We all have days that we think our co-workers are from another planet. Chances are more likely you aren't "speaking their language." Master communicators adapt how they communicate to meet the other at his/her comfort zone. Attendees of these sessions depart understanding how to meet the listener on their terms not yours and be certain your message is received loud and most of all, clear.
The Two Pillars of Serenity and Success
The secret to serenity and productivity in your personal and professional lifestands on a foundation of two pillars: your own self-esteem and respect to all people. Attendees will leave this signature session knowing what the most successful, effective people throughout history have known and consciously applied.
Road Signs on the High Road of Life
Are we there yet? Everyone travels a different path but most people long for success in their personal and professional lives. While everyone's journey through life is unique, there are certain guide posts that are identical on everyone's road. In this signature program, Lauren shares some of the personal challenges she has overcome to achieve victory and highlights those road signs on everyone's life journey that are essential to success.
(Each of these topics can stand alone, or they can be combined into one session)
Communication Comfort Zones
Often referred to as personality types. When not thinking, when caught off guard or when under stress, everyone settles into certain comfort zones in their communication. Flexing your communication to meet them in their comfort zone will help reduce conflict and make everyone more productive.
Generational Differences
For the first time in American history there are four generations in the workplace, each of which has their own emotional drivers and communication styles. Understand the differences and make them work for you.
He said, She said
There are real differences in the way men and women approach situations, how they communicate and how they can adapt to meet challenges and solve problems. There are specific techniques that are a MUST when communicating with the opposite sex.


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