Mike Jaffe

9/11 Survivor; Human WakeUp Call

Fee Range?: $12,500 - $15,000
Traveling From: New York

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Mike Jaffe is a nationally-recognized speaker, seminar leader, business and personal coach, and author of WAKEUP! Your Life is Calling. Why settle for FINE when so much more is possible? A 9/11 survivor who has transformedhis life, Mike Jaffe serves » Read Full Bio

Mike Jaffe is a nationally-recognized speaker, seminar leader, business and personal coach, and author of WAKEUP! Your Life is Calling. Why settle for FINE when so much more is possible? A 9/11 survivor who has transformedhis life, Mike Jaffe serves as The Human WakeUp Call® by using his own brush with tragedy as a message of self-discovery and empowerment.

As a result of his own wakeup call, Jaffe radically changed directions in his career, leaving a secure corporate jobin Manhattan and reinventing himself as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Mike Jaffe Company, whoseprograms help individuals and organizations Live Powerfully. People play bigger when they reignite their focus,confidence, and energy bringing an “anything is possible” attitude to their personal and professional lives. Peoplewho are more committed and engaged accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Mike has appeared as a featured expert on CNN, Fox News, New England Cable News and has been publishedand quoted in the Wall Street Journal, MSN, US News & World Report, Crain’s NY Business, Entrepreneur MagazineRadio and other national and regional media outlets.

Mike is ready to benefit your company by providing your executives, managers and teams a powerful, life-changing, success-oriented wakeup call of their own.

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WAKE UP! AND LIVE POWERFULLY. Turn Your Intentions Into Action
Can you truly live life on your own terms? In this provocative and eye-opening inquiry, Mike Jaffe not only shows you how to do so, but will have you asking "What am I waiting for?". Designed to challenge unspoken assumptions and limitations, WakeUp! provides participants with a roadmap for making real, lasting change in their lives and businesses. Participants experience an astonishing shift in perspective accompanied by a sense of urgency that will sustain their ongoing actions. The results are powerful, as each person discovers a very powerful truth, that anyone can create a new future starting today.
CONFIDENT YOU. Leaping Outside your Comfort Zone to Achieve What you Want
Confidence plays an important part in living powerfully. It's simple, without confidence, we will not be able to achieve our goals. While confidence is a necessary quality, so many people struggle to find it, not realizing that it naturally exists within each and every one of us. This workshop explores how we can change the world around us in meaningful ways. Once we recognize that we can choose the perspectives we hold and the emotional responses we have to almost any situation, we have mastered ourselves. Just imagine the possibilities that can come from tapping into our own natural confidence!
LIFE BY DESIGN. Visioning & Goal-Setting to Create Your Future
What we all must understand is that our level of success is in direct proportion to what we actually get ourselves to do what we believe in, are passionate about, and are willing to follow through on. This presentation is designed to help people understand the importance of having a vision tied to personal values, and using goal setting to start taking the steps to get there. Regardless of where someone is in their career or along their life path, this topic will apply to them. The presentation includes practical, easy to implement steps in developing goals and following through with action.
TRANSITIONS & TRANSFORMATIONS. Thriving in the Midst of Change
Change is a given. Whether facing the prospect of expansion or the reality of restructuring, many people have difficulty finding their place and establishing a sense of security in a changing environment. "Thriving through Change" provides tools and perspectives to your employees that will enable them to overcome common barriers such as resistance, fear and lack of clarity. The result is enhanced employee morale, performance, and interaction.
BE HEARD AND LISTEN. Communications Skills for Effectively Leading Change
This one workshop will transform your entire team! We each have a preferred way of absorbing and processing information which directly influences how we listen, communicate, problem solve and collaborate. Through interactive and dynamic team exercises and discussions, this valuable workshop utilizes the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) to enable participants to learn to interact with all co-workers in a way that will motivate action, drive out fear, and create lasting bonds. The results are more efficient communications, better teamwork, and stronger alignment around shared goals and objectives.
THE INFLUENTIAL LEADER. Coaching Skills for Inspired Leadership
This pragmatic and highly interactive workshop is designed to train leaders, managers, and teams to use the same coaching skills that top business coaches use to motivate, empower and develop others. Participants will learn to the use the Power of Coaching for building and strengthening partnerships in the workplace. The increased mastery of the fundamental coaching skills of improved listening, questioning, facilitation, and communication will teach participants how to communicate more effectively, with confidence and authority.


  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Stress Management/Life Balance


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