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Spend just five minutes with Ron Kardashian and you will dare to believe that your life could be different. You can’t help it; his great health and abundant life are contagious. As a fitness expert with over a decade of experience and an » Read Full Bio

Spend just five minutes with Ron Kardashian and you will dare to believe that your life could be different. You can’t help it; his great health and abundant life are contagious. As a fitness expert with over a decade of experience and an ordained minister committed to helping humanity, Kardashian has logged over 11,000 hours of one-on-one consulting in the realm of physical fitness and life development/coaching. The amazing results of this integrated, holistic approach have made him a powerful voice for worldwide change among people of every age, religion, and creed—professionals, CEOs of major companies, diplomatic leaders, clergy, and even royalty.

Kardashian is a certified strength and conditioning coach and has been nominated as Personal Trainer of the Year two consecutive times. He is the founder and CEO of a life coaching and personal training firm, as well as the nonprofit organization, which helps people worldwide to be empowered for lasting health and physical development while educating them on the benefits of health and fitness, curing the disease of obesity. Through his national and international speaking engagements and television appearances, Kardashian has been honored to share the pulpit of many nationally acclaimed voices in health, wellness, and ministry.

Kardashian’s new book, Getting in Shape God’s Way: 4 Keys to Making Any Diet or Fitness Plan Work, offers clear, direct answers to the problems that keep us enslaved to our unhealthy habits. He discovered the keys to this miraculously successful method in the crucible of his own suffering. As a sickly child and a troubled youth, he experienced the miseries of poor health and eventually chose a drug-fueled lifestyle programmed to self-destruct. Now, in spite of the poor medical and psychological prognosis over his life since childhood, Kardashian has beaten the odds and is reaping the fantastic results of learning to live in victory over the addictions and destructive behavior that had threatened his life. As he likes to say, “The first client to prove to me that getting in shape God’s way works was me!”

Kardashian’s clients experience complete lifestyle transformation as he guides them through the arduous process of letting go of the lies they have believed and replacing them with physical and spiritual reality. This does not happen overnight. “Most people desire the finished product, but they’re not interested in the process. I know, because I was one of those people,” Kardashian says. “The process is what brings life-changing promises. When we can get happy with the process, the path to the blessings we’ve always wanted is enlightened.”

Among Kardashian’s future projects is a plan to bring his life-changing message to radio and television audiences. His current television broadcast, Getting in Shape God’s Way, is a reality fitness show that combines a fitness workout with spiritual conditioning. This unique pairing catapults participants into better levels of health and fitness much faster than traditional workouts that ignore the spiritual component. Kardashian’s dream is to use every possible media outlet to bring the secrets of physical fitness and its medicinal benefits to individuals worldwide, and his nonprofit organization is pursuing partnerships that will make that dream a reality.

Kardashian’s passionate nature finds its fullest expression in his role as adoring husband and father.

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Keynote Speaking
Sharing the same stage with Americas most highly sought after speakers, Ron Kardashian brings his frontline experience and passion to each audience member and corporate event. They laugh, are engaged and are hungry to learn how to become more successful. Kardashian is a born motivator and educator. He is inspirational and straight forward, his bold and articulate vernacular is a refreshing approach to empowering corporations, executives, business leaders, employees, professional athletes, non-profits and church organizations worldwide.
Every Corporation or CEO should have a Coach
The Kardashian Method empowers leadership to lead an extraordinary life. Whether you are a world-class athlete, an entrepreneur, a business executive, or simply someone looking for a change, our guidance is your key to distinction. Gaining a 3rd eye perspective on any organization grants optimal clarity to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. Executive coaching empowers MASSIVE growth in any market!
Kardashian Executive Coaching
Empowers executives with strategic wisdom, discernment and insight to effectively navigate through any business dilemma. That means, sitting objectively beside business executives and helping them make the best decisions in order to maximize successes during business dilemmas, alignments, transitions, personal life issues and world wide change.
Fitness Expert Keynote/ Spokes Person
Ron Kardashian is the nation's leading authority in fitness excellence. As a National Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mr. Kardashian is well versed and educated on a plethora of health related topics.


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