Theresa Behenna

Motivational Speaker, Entertainer, & Emcee with an Aussie Flair; World-Recognized Pianist

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
Traveling From: Texas

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Theresa Behenna is an award winning keynote speaker, acclaimed international pianist and recording artist whose passion in life is uplifting people through the power of humor and music with a relevant message to motivate them to greater success. She » Read Full Bio

Theresa Behenna is an award winning keynote speaker, acclaimed international pianist and recording artist whose passion in life is uplifting people through the power of humor and music with a relevant message to motivate them to greater success. She uses amazing piano skills and hilarious stories to teach the tools that took her from playing piano for nine people in an Australian pub to the 2006 Olympics in Italy. They work for everyone in any career. Always. 

Having traveled the world as an entertainer and small business owner, Theresa's experience in communicating with different cultures, adapting to changing markets and appearing before celebrities, gives her the distinct ability as a speaker to combine practical content with dynamic entertainment to produce positive change. Since 1998 Theresa has been speaking to associations and corporations nation-wide with a customized message andunique approach that has resulted in clients like EXXONMOBIL that wrote: "Your uniquekeynote presentation was fully engaging, inspiring, practical and funny!"

As a member of the National Speakers Association, Theresa won the John Wolfe Award for speaking excellence and served on the Houston board for many years.

Her piano CD "Songs for Friends" is a popular selling album of classic hits, soft rock, Broadway songs and movie themes.

Theresa lives in Houston where she plays tons of tennis but has yet to sound anything like a Texan 'coz she's busy putting another shrimp on the barbie.

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Change your Tune, Change your Life!
A unique combination of audience interaction, live music, relevant message and funny stories results in hilarious teamwork, high energy and maximum engagement that leaves attendees glad they attended! Customized content ensures industry relevance with points emphasized by popular songs played on piano and demonstrated by team games throughout the presentation. Audiences learn how attitude is key to seeing change as opportunity versus being fearful and negative. This program is popular with all generations and meeting planners looking for something different.
Happy Customers are Loyal Customers!
In today's crowded marketplace organizations are finding it a challenge to attract and keep clients with so many businesses competing for the same customer. So how do you create a culture that influences people to buy from you versus the other guys? In this humorous presentation audiences learn the three keys to being part of a successful team that delivers excellent customer service and impacts the bottom line. Practical ideas mixed with popular music, compelling stories and interactive games, guarantee attendees to be fully engaged, entertained and ready for action!
From Gershwin to Gaga - Win Fans & Influence People to Supercharge your Success
This entertaining, humorous presentation addresses how people need to stand out from the crowd to be successful in today's economy. Learning new ways of working promotes innovation and creativity that attracts the right kind of attention from the right kind of people like Gershwin and Gaga. Audiences learn simple tools they can use to improve work performance, boost teamwork and increase productivity to get the job/keep the job, get the customer/keep the customer. Through audience participation, popular piano music, funny stories and customized content this program engages, uplifts and energizes people leaving them glad they attended and motivated to take action!
Three Keys to Employee Engagement - It All Starts with YOU!
Did you know that only 32% of all US employees are engaged in their jobs? Employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization's financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer service. This interactive keynote uses music, humor and stories as tools to energize, engage, entertain and empower people to boost productivity, inspire innovation and transform negative attitudes. Audience members participate in games and exercises to demonstrate great teamwork between the generations, the power of passion, the impact of positive communications and the importance of building good relationships. Oh wait. It's a ton of fun too!
Fifty Shades of Fun - Healthy Doesn't Have to be Boring!
Motivation * Stress * Healthcare * Inspiration * Humor - With the increasing population of aging baby boomers and rising costs of healthcare, it's imperative that people take responsibility for their own health and wellness. Caregivers and healthcare workers are stressed out with multi-tasking and compassionate fatigue and need practical tips they can implement on the job. Mixing music with message to maximize engagement, Theresa shows audiences how people can make the most out of life whether they are a working professional, approaching retirement or already in their golden years. With her extensive experience in performing for senior living communities and Alzheimers groups, she shares valuable insights on how audiences can live a joyful, fulfilling life that results in better health in mind, body and spirit. Entertaining, interactive and uplifting, this program leaves people feeling happy, energized and inspired with ideas they can use.


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