Vicki Hitzges

Dynamic Motivational Humorist and Author; Former Award Winning Anchor for NBC Corpus Christi

Fee Range?: $10,000 - $12,500
Traveling From: Texas

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Start your meeting with a bang! Vicki Hitzges delivers high-voltage, fun presentations withimmediately useful content. Her clients include: Microsoft, New York Life Insurance, Nokia Siemens, Chase Bank, even the » Read Full Bio

Start your meeting with a bang! Vicki Hitzges delivers high-voltage, fun presentations withimmediately useful content. Her clients include: Microsoft, New York Life Insurance, Nokia Siemens, Chase Bank, even the C.I.A!, Southwest Airlines employees got so charged up, they carried her around the room on theirshoulders! Literally!

Vicki teaches audiences to build relationships, zap stress and conquer change. She speaks fromexperience. She learned how build relationships quickly working as a Dallas TV reporter and talk show host. She can connect with everyone from plumbers to Presidents. She learned to zap stress while speaking tocrowds of ten to 10,000, and she’s conquered a lot of changes along the way.

After television, Vicki became a publicist for high profile clients including, at that time, the world’s topmotivator, Zig Ziglar. Ziglar quickly selected Vicki as one of a handful of speakers he would personallymentor. Within three years, she'd spoken everywhere from New England to New Zealand.

Audiences enjoy Vicki’s humor, stories and group interaction. Whether talking about a moment that’sheartwarming (like what the elementary school teacher told her father that changed his life forever) or2practical (like how the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger might effect your entire career), Vickihas the ability hold an audience's attention.

In fact, the first year she was eligible, Vicki received the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional(CSP) designation. CSP is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association andthe International Federation for Professional Speakers to recognize proven expertise and experience. Fewerthan 7% of the speakers worldwide hold this title.

If you want your conference to start or end with a bang, consider: When the world's most popularsports team, Manchester United, needed encouragement, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) calledVicki for advice! She’s also quoted as a motivational expert in publications ranging from the Dallas MorningNews to the Chicago Tribune to Entrepreneur magazine.Comments frequently heard after her presentations include, “I felt like you were talking to me!” “Weneeded that!” “That made sense—I’ll do that!”

“You have that magical mix of "must-haves" for a platform speaker. You are 1/3informational, 1/3 motivational and 1/3 entertaining.... You teach the sorts of thingsthat transform managers into rock stars. And somehow, you inspire people to get outthere and practice the skills you teach.” --Denise Meador, NW Division Sales Manager, Chase Bank(Booked Vicki eight times)

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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

"Attitude Schmattitude" (How to Feel Good When Everything Seems Bad)
"Salmon Mousse Is Just a Fancy Name for Whipped Fish"(How to Be Creative)
"What Mary Kay, Vince Lombardi & an Old Crank Could Teach You" Theme
Build Strong Relationships, Boost Self Esteem, Risk Enough to Get Ahead, Look on the Bright Side. This motivational keynote reveals the four must-know "secrets" of successful people.
"Jazz 'em Up "Turn 'em Loose" (How to Motivate Your Workforce) - Theme
To get employees to work for you, you've got to work for them. Learn to create a more successful company by teaching your managers new ways to motivate employees.
"Baby Take Off Your Stress, You Can Leave Your Hat On" Theme
How to bounce back when you feel knocked flat. Pep up groups that are burned out, tensed up and stressed out.
"Here I Am - There You Are" Theme
How to improve your group's internal and external relationships by putting others first. Help your group build loyal customers, co-workers and friends.
"One Bold Voice, Two Shaky Knees" (How to Write a Sizzling Speech) Theme
Effective speakers speak the way their audience thinks. Your people will learn to write and deliver talks that other people will want to hear.
"Old Dogs - New Tricks" (Conquer the Challenge of Change) -Theme
Master change so change doesn't master you. Your group will learn to thrive amid chaotic, rapid-fire change.
"Put Away the Lawnmower, Charlie, Those Are Trees Out There!" Theme
People reach out to people who reach out. Learn to build strong working relationships. (People do business with people they like.)


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