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5 Time NFL All-Pro; Business Leader & Marketing Guru ; Social Media Pioneer

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
Traveling From: Florida

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Brian Holloway,  business leader,  marketing guru and social media pioneer launched from his Silicon Valley roots at Stanford and set a blister pace in becoming America’s #1 Corporate consultant and business intelligences speakers.» Read Full Bio

Brian Holloway,  business leader,  marketing guru and social media pioneer launched from his Silicon Valley roots at Stanford and set a blister pace in becoming America’s #1 Corporate consultant and business intelligences speakers. 

He’s traveled over 10,000,000 miles and hired by over 279 Fortune 500 companies,  to dominate markets, win gains in market share.  His recent clients include the BILLION dollar giant;  HP,  Microsoft,  Sun,  Intel as well as Verizon,  Wal-Mart, Ford,   Sprint.   Brian just surpassed his 14th year inside  as APPLE’s  insider business intelligence specialist,  and remains as a team member that helped skyrocket APPLE  to the most successful company of all time with a staggering $76.2 Billion dollars in cash reserves. 

At ABC Sports and ESPN he was the Sr.VP of creative digital content that grew their online reach from 500,000 unique visits to 10,000,000 unique visits in 1995.   As an associate professor at Northeastern University, Brian was sought out by Dr. Richard Lapchick to develop the Center of the Study of Sports in Society, which was bought out by Disney Wide World of Sports,  and now has global reach to students, athlete’s and universities. 

Holloway is a favorite speaker at Harvard Business School, Yale University as well as many other leading universities,  corporate think-tanks,  CEO Summits & Wall Street boardrooms. 

In the NFL he joined Gene Upshaw as the Vice President of NFL Players as the architect of the 1987 new TV contract that produced a landmark $1.8 Billion dollar deal.  

On the field Holloway was the New England Patriots 1st Round draft pick and became the lightning rod that propelled the New England Patriots to their very first Super Bowl in 1985.  As a 5 time NFL All-Pro,  look for his accomplishments to be recorded in Canton Ohio,  in the Pro Football’s Hall of Fame.    

He owns several businesses enterprises as well as taking the lead in $200M worth of commercial real estate accounts as well as his own $120M senior care facilities in upstate New York.   

Brian and his wife Tammy and their 8 children and 2 grandchildren live in Tampa.  

Holloway comes from a long line of distinguished leaders and visionaries that helped shape America.  His great Uncle was Rev. Vernon John’s, recognized as “the Godfather”  of the Civil Rights movement,  and preceded Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr at Dexter Avenue Baptist church.  His grandfather,  Dr. William J. Trent  was also the founder of the United Negro College Fund and sat on President’s Roosevelt’s and President’s Kennedy’s distinguished cabinet.  Brian’s father Dr. Wendell M. Holloway taught at the elite Air War College as a top ranked military leader from the Strategic Air Command,  and went on to become  Sr. Vice President of Governmental affairs for Ford Motor Company.


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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

The Soul of The Championship Team
The Ultimate Breakthrough Experience That Will be Remembered For Decades. For some it will be one of the most important experiences of their personal and professional lives. Moving. Life Changing. The Secret of Teams is revealed. The Perfect Fit.
The Passion of the Playmaker!
This is a strap yourself in wild, high speed roller coaster ride experience. First featured at the Million Dollar Round Table main platform. Showcased again last month for Security Mutual's Presidents table. Exciting. Engaging. Heart felt. (This focuses on the passion of the individual who must compete internally within the team, and collectively as a team.) A Real Winner.
Dynasty Crafting - A Courageous Journey Inside World Class Teams
Relevant. Meaningful. Major Take Aways. Frank. Compelling. Uncovers the silent but deadly toxins that kill fast companies -- Back biting, Blame Shifting, "Just doing my job and nothing more," and the most dangerous of all the creation of activity and no productivity. This equals economic death over time.
How Winners Win!
The Secrets of World Class Competitors. No theories. Real strategies that work for those high powered professions that must make the impossible happen! Raising The Platform. Changing The Game. Gets People off the sideline as "Spectators" and onto the field. Where they can take charge, take over and win! The ultimate key to celebrating each other - and crafting a high powered culture that consistently outperforms the competition.
Holloway and 'The Fridge' Dynasty Crafting
Never before have two opposing Super Bowl TEAM Captains come together -- to provoke, challenge and inspire new thinking for corporate TEAMS -- who must make the impossible happen. Dynasties are only possible and achievable through new levels of thinking....outside the box. It's the only way to get beyond the incremental growth (improvement) paradigm. William "The Refrigerator" Perry, the 9th most recognized athlete in the World joins with Brian Holloway, NFL All-Pro, and top marketing guru in the sports entertainment category, hired by 210 Fortune 500 Companies.
How To Win, When It Matters The Most
Brian Holloway's Most Sacred Conversation - Reveals the Secrets Strategies To Come From Behind, Face Massive Adversity, And Still Win. No Excuses. WARNING! This is not the weak at the knees.
The Secret of Championship Teams
The Ultimate Transformation Million Dollar Sales Mastery - Success To Significance & Winning The Most Treasured Life Client Relationship. For those that are ready to play the biggest game of their life... as they shift from "what they do" to the most powerful context of all... "what they are for." The Art of Servant Leadership. Introduction to Legacy Crafting 100 Game Plan.
The Bootcamp
This is not a Speech. This is a thoughtful conversation for the serious minded. A grueling 3 hours conversation with no breaks - That will alter the course of a persons life - forever. For some Shocking. Considered The most important transformation work that unleashes the Competitor Within.


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