Bridget Brennan

CEO of Female Factor; Author, Why She Buys; The New Strategy for Reaching the World's Most Powerful Consumers

Fee Range?: $17,500 - $20,000
Traveling From: Illinois

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Bridget Brennan is the world's most popular speaker on the subject of marketing and selling to women.  She is the CEO of marketing and sales consultancy Female Factor, and author of the acclaimed book Why She Buys: The New Strategy for » Read Full Bio

Bridget Brennan is the world's most popular speaker on the subject of marketing and selling to women.  She is the CEO of marketing and sales consultancy Female Factor, and author of the acclaimed book Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World's Most Powerful Consumers (Crown Business, July 2009, 2011). Her book was called "essential reading" by The Wall Street Journal and "required reading for anyone burdened with a Y chromosome" by Fortune Small Business. It was named a "Top 10 Marketing Book of 2009" by MediaTrust. A recipient of numerous industry awards, Brennan was named U.S. Public Relations Agency Practitioner of the Year by PR NEWS for her work in applying gender psychology to communications.

She is an expert in developing business strategies that appeal to women. She has served as an instructor at Northwestern University's Graduate Program in Marketing Communications in the Medill School, and has guest lectured at the Kellogg School of Management, the top-ranked business school in the U.S., and at industry conferences worldwide. She is a member of the Forbes Executive Women's Advisory Board, the Economic Club of Chicago, the National Speakers Association and the Network of Executive Women.  She is a founder of the Marketing to Moms Coalition and a contributor to Forbes on the subject of women consumers.

Brennan developed her expertise as an agency executive, creating programs for major clients such as Whirlpool Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Pizza Hut, Colgate-Palmolive, United Airlines and AT&T, among others. Previous to founding Female Factor, Brennan ran the consumer marketing practice of Edelman's Zeno Group, and founded that agency's Speaking Female division. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Brennan is based in Chicago.

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Why She Buys, The New Strategy for Reaching the World's Most Powerful Consumers (Keynote)
Women are the engine of the global economy and buy nearly 80% of all consumer products. They hold the purse strings, and when they've got a tight grip on them as they do now, companies must be shrewder than ever to win them over. Just when executives have mastered becoming technology literate, they find there's another skill they need: becoming female literate. This isn't always easy. In a lively presentation based on her acclaimed book (called "essential reading" by The Wall Street Journal), Brennan educates audiences on the fundamentals of gender psychology, and the global trends driving women's purchasing decisions. She provides a roadmap for businesses on how to evaluate sales, marketing, branding and product design from a female perspective.
Cracking the Code, Seeing the World through a Female Filter
Gender is the most powerful determinant of how a person views the world and everything in it. While there are mountains of research done every year segmenting consumers and analyzing why they buy, more often than not it doesn't factor in the one piece of information that trumps them all: the sex of the buyer. Understanding that women are females first and consumers second is crucial to bridging the gender divide and capturing the business of the world's most powerful consumers.
How She Buys, Sales Techniques for Tough Economic Times
No matter how many times a woman sees an ad, or how much research she's conducted online, the critical purchasing moment often comes down to that "last three feet of the sale." This is when she's standing in front of a shelf or talking directly to a salesperson, trying to decide what to buy. It's in this moment that mistakes are frequently made and sales are lost, simply because women have different expectations of the sales process than men do. In this session, Brennan teaches audiences how women make purchasing decisions and respond to sales pitches and retail environments. Participants learn female-focused techniques to help increase closing rates. This presentation is also available in a business-to-business module.
Pink is Not a Strategy, Marketing to Women
Marketing, and especially advertising, it's most glamorous representation, is where a company's insights about women are most vividly on display. In this engaging educational session, Brennan explores how gender differences impact brand preferences and marketing responses. She teaches audiences how to generate the kind of powerful insights that make a difference to campaigns targeting women. Audiences are taught that no matter how complex the marketing function becomes, or how cluttered the media environment is, there are still only two sexes on the receiving end of a marketing message. Understanding the one that does most of the buying is critical.
Delivering Customer Service with Female Appeal
Customer service is often forgotten in the thrill of the hunt for customers. Once a customer is snagged, the wooing is over and the relationship "in the form of customer loyalty" often fizzles out. Rants about poor customer service fill conversations everywhere, and the Web has helped make these feelings public. The fact that customer service is a consumer hot button also makes it a major opportunity for differentiation. In their role as "Chief Purchasing Officers" of the home, women interact with customer-service personnel more than anyone else. In this lively session, participants will learn how to implement customer-service policies and techniques with female appeal
He Said, She Said, Who Said What? Gender Communication in the Workplace (Diversity Issue)
In this enlightening presentation, Brennan discusses the most common differences in male and female communication styles at work. Audiences will learn valuable techniques for making themselves better understood to co-workers, bosses and subordinates of the opposite gender. The goal of the session is to help bridge the gender gap at the office and achieve better workplace harmony. A special emphasis is placed on the language of performance reviews. These sessions achieve the best results when both men and women are in attendance.


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