Chip Eichelberger

Former Tony Robbins Int'l point man; Energetic call to action; Motivational Sales Speaker

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
Traveling From: Tennessee

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When Chip Eichelberger speaks to your organization, they won’t listen to a lecture—they will participate in an interactive experience that will challenge, enlighten, and motivate them!

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When Chip Eichelberger speaks to your organization, they won’t listen to a lecture—they will participate in an interactive experience that will challenge, enlighten, and motivate them!

What distinguishes Chip? Experience, research, call to action and an ROI on your investment! Formerly Tony Robbins’ international point man, Chip presented over 1250 talks in the US, UK and Australia while with Tony Robbins before collecting his first speaking fee.

Over the last 17 years, he has switched on over 854 conventions. He has a magical ability to generate enthusiasm, contagious energy, and results that last well beyond his program. He will make you look good and will be an indispensable part of your successful event! "This was the perfect way to start our ABA Marketing Conference. Your energy and enthusiasm inspired attendees to ACT rather than waste time talking. Your session was the highest rated—4.83/5! I would also like to thank you for your involvement in the planning process from beginning to end." John Capotosto, Senior Program Manager, American Bankers Association.

Chip has learned that extensive research and planning is the key to delivering the best results. He doesn’t do canned presentations; he customizes them specifically for your company and your event.

First, he researches your company. Then, he interviews you and your key decision-makers so he understands the goals and objectives for his presentation. Travel permitting, he arrives the afternoon before speaking and attends any sessions scheduled for late afternoon and evening to get a flavor for the event. No one else provides this kind of experience! Chip’s presentations are an interactive experience, not a one-way speech! Your people will be engaged and actively participating, not snoozing.

Using an interactive customized handout, he works with the audience to look at what they’re doing now, find more effective options, and commit to change—change that creates productivity and value for your organization. Given what is happening in the economy and the constant negative onslaught from the media, the mindset of many people has gone from success to survival. It is time to look in the mirror, put on the hat of personal responsibility, and get better now. Audiences need to hear a message to get them plugged back in and switched on, and this is exactly what Chip delivers.

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Take Charge of Your Performance
Moving a company or your performance from "good" to "great" is not a matter of just moving up the next rung of the ladder. It's not like moving next door, it's more like moving to another country, that's how big the gap is. How do you bridge that chasm? Own It! taps into the hidden potential inside each one of us and shows how the power of making even one new decision can ignite tremendous performance improvements. Chip covers the key elements- re-evaluation, making new decisions, keeping score, moving the target and the power of attitude and activity. They can transform your team from a followership model to an ownership model. This shift can lead you, your team, and your company to dramatic and quick results why they own it.
The Power of Attitude and Activity
Get Switched On is a fun, engaging and interactive experience designed to help people get a better attitude and take high quality action. In difficult economic times, people tend to make excuses, focus on what's not working, and can become disillusioned. Attitudes can sour and the quality of their effort can decline. The turnaround starts with acknowledging the gap between where you are and where you can be. What is possible for you? What have you been neglecting? What are the brutal facts you need to confront and take action on now? Chip helps you clarify your compelling vision and a get a clear game plan for the future. What's working? What's exciting? Painting a picture in which you can see yourself making the vision a reality goes a long way to getting plugged back in and switched on!
The Board Break Experience, Breaking Barriers
What will dominate the conversations at your next event? Chip guarantees it will be this program. The board break is an intense, emotional and climactic physical metaphor dedicated to over achievement and pushing your team's energy to new and lasting heights. As a motivational sales speaker, the room is filled with the spirit of self-confidence and acknowledgment. Your team will be in peak emotional state. The room is alive and amplified with music and energy. Each person will celebrate in the thrill of overcoming adversity and experiencing an unforgettable moment of personal and team victory. They will commit to a specific personal and team goal on their board ����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½������¯������¿������½ that is what they have on the line when the break the board. That is what we will celebrate!
It is Not What the Market is Doing, What Are You Doing!
To succeed in sales is more difficult than ever. What can you do to stand out from the competition? What simple things can you put into a sales success system to get customers to say WOW, be loyal and refer you to others? When you are great at what you do you are in such contrast to so many sales people who really suck! Chip shares the ideas harnessed from his experience and from his research with his hundreds of clients.
Switch on Your Persuasion
Just because you are an expert does not mean you are interesting to listen to. It is hard to persuade people if you are boring to listen to, lack a clear outcome, do not engage the listener and do not ask for a commitment. This hands-on seminar is designed for leaders and managers who must motivate and lead their team to achieve consistently better results and sales people who make presentations and must persuade their clients to take action. You need to tell your story with impact!


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