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Recording Artist, Actress, Entertainment with a Message ; Niece of New York Yankee Legend Bobby Murcer

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
Traveling From: Colorado

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DeDe Murcer Moffett may be the niece of Gold Glove winner, five-time All- Star, and retired New York Yankee baseball player, the late Bobby Murcer, but most simply know her as the "SNAP out of It Woman". DeDe is the author of two » Read Full Bio

DeDe Murcer Moffett may be the niece of Gold Glove winner, five-time All- Star, and retired New York Yankee baseball player, the late Bobby Murcer, but most simply know her as the "SNAP out of It Woman". DeDe is the author of two books; SNAP Yes! The Art of Seeing New Achievable Possibilities in Business and Life and Wisdom Wedgies and Life's Little Zingers.

After spending 25 years in corporate sales and battling alcoholism for 24 of them, DeDe is now part of the solution regarding employee disengagement. Sharing her SNAP strategies for success, DeDe entertains while educating employees on how to SNAP Out of It, re-engage vision, refuel drive, and re-ignite determination to See New Achievable Possibilities wherever they are and wherever they go. 

Today she combines her expertise in corporate sales, the challenges and triumphs of overcoming a major life addiction, her success as an entrepreneur and her Broadway training to deliver a one of kind message of positivity, potential and possibilities. 

Warning! Expect the energy and fun factor to go from 0 to 60 in a SNAP!

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How to Change Your SNAP-ti-tude and See New Achievable Possibilities In Business and Life
DeDe's most requested talk based on her newest book SNAP Yes! The Art of Seeing New Achievable Possibilities in Business and Life The Problem is an epidemic of disengagement has settled across America, and the cost is alarming. Unenthusiastic, unmotivated employees cost the U.S. economy $550 billion a year in lost productivity, creativity, and innovation. Re-engage in a SNAP! Say SNAP Yes! to more productivity, creativity, confidence, happiness and opportunities to See New Achievable Possibilities in Business and Life. You'll learn practical tools that empower you to Identify and change the limiting thoughts and behaviors so you become inspired, proactive and more valuable at work, Learn to take more risk despsite fear so you solve old problems and are confident in your decision making, and Grow the "big balls of courage" required to embrace disruptive change and push back the status quo to become a powerful leader in your organization.
To Compete You've Got to Create The Customer Experience in a SNAP!
According to statistic in less than 10 years even the top brands will lose their brand differientiation. How do you capture the hearts and minds of customers in a SNAP? You create an emotionally impactful customer experience. The new competitive battlefield is the heart of the customer. Are you engaged and ready to compete? In this session you will Understand how being too efficient might be killing your customer service, Learn how to keep customers loyal for life even if you are more expensive than your competitiors, Learn why creating the customer experience has more to do with just customer face time, and Understand how in a SNAP you can leave an emotional impact on your customers without disrupting and slowing down your daily workflow. Also ask about DeDe's leadership and engagement assessments to help you identify top performers and learn how to duplicate those top leaders in a SNAP!
Bring Back the Magic, Fun and Heart of Healthcare In a SNAP
(Nationally Accredited by the ACPE for Pharmacist and Pharmacy Techs). This lesson is an application-based CE activity and is targeted to pharmacists and technicians. This program has been approved for 1.5 contact hours of continuing education credit (0.15 CEUs). 0154-0000-15-047-L04-P / 0154-0000-15-047-L04-T. Patients and their families want to feel caring - pharmacists and technicians with more compassion that communicate with greater empathy. Too commonly, when employees get new tasks that they're uncomfortable with, procrastination and distraction sets in. Pharmacy staff who are more mindful with patients and their families notice cues and gain invaluable information that helps them to address concerns and provide safe and effective care. They encourage patients and families to open up, to trust and to partner in their care. At the completion of this activity, pharmacists and technicians will be able to Apply transformational leadership skills for long term success, Interpret and challenge "Out of the Box" thinking in yourself and others, and Perform steps to improve patient interactions.
Breakdown Communication Barriers and See Productivity and Possibilities in a SNAP!
(Accredited Healthcare Talk For Continuing Education, Effective Communication) To improve the pharmacist/nurses/doctors/healthcare worker's awareness of opportunities to impact the quality of care delivered to patients transitions and medication regimens to medication management of therapies. Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to Discuss barriers to communication in the workplace and how to overcome them; Identify and apply methods of effective communication that will improve your ability to communicate with your patients, staff, physicians, etc. and/or understanding approaches to improve healthcare workers confidence in discussing conditions and medications with patients; Describe effective communication strategies to establish superior customer service and maximum efficiency with patient care; and List communication tools and resources for healthcare to counsel and educate patients.
Find Your Spotlight and Step In It - Master Class 3 Hours
This SNAP-powered master class shows attendees the mental and physical aspects of being a speaker who captivates and audience, sales team or the attention of important clients. Find your unique voice and use it confidently to deliver a transformational and impactful message that will be remembered for years to come. Learn to Change your mental blocks around public speaking, Utilize your body to change fear to fuel, Understand how to create rich stories and feelings through pitch and pace of the voice, Daily vocal techniques to strengthen the voice plus warm up exercises that ease body tension and voice shaking and How to captivate an audience by using your eyes, ears and energy. Plus much more! Recommended for women in leadership, emerging leaders business speakers, or groups who need to up their presentation skills to impact the bottom line in a SNAP!
SNAP For Team Sports and Athletes-Master Class 3 Hours
Resiliency, determination and perseverance is required to win! In this athlete-focused keynote, DeDe draws on the legacy of her uncle, New York Yankee baseball great Bobby Murcer and the lessons she learned from his life and career. This interactive talk help athletes see that today's decisions will be a part of their future legacy. DeDe delivers relevant and applicable steps to help attendees break through mental traps, overcome failure, reset setbacks and achieve peak performance on and off the field.


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