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Over 25 yrs motivational experience ; Empowers youth to reach the under privileged

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One word that encapsulates Gary Zelesky: PASSION. Gary’s exciting, enthusiastic energy and explosive humor are definitely memorable, but it is his PASSION for life and the audience and his ability to connect with them in a way few do that » Read Full Bio

One word that encapsulates Gary Zelesky: PASSION. Gary’s exciting, enthusiastic energy and explosive humor are definitely memorable, but it is his PASSION for life and the audience and his ability to connect with them in a way few do that makes Gary such a demanded speaker.

Gary started speaking back in the 1970’s to a group of young people whom Gary was challenging to take their life to the next level. Gary’s love for people and his desire to see them take their life to next level is what propelled him to speak to those in need of motivation and hope. One thing Gary understood all to well was the need for hope, as a young child Gary was abused by his alcoholic step-father and abandoned by his mother. Regardless of the difficult surroundings that Gary found himself in, he also found, if you look—if you choose, there are also incredible human beings who do believe in you. Before long Gary found he was requested to speak at numerous locations around the country and around the world.

In 1986 Gary’s company Youth Invasion trained, tooled and transported thousands of young people to reach the under privileged in sections of our world. Gary was also honored to be a part of the faculty of North Central College in Minneapolis, MN to develop the youth major. Under Gary’s guidance North Central's enrollment grew to its largest size ever. By 1990 Gary’s speaking schedule around the world required that he devote himself fully to speaking full time. Since 1990 Gary has traveled around the globe to thousand of organizations from Boeing Jets, Hilton Hotels, MasterCard International to California Dental Association bringing the message of PASSION FOR LIFE will take you where you want to go IN LIFE.

Gary has been presenting to audiences around the world for over 25 years. From tears of laughter to tears of reflection, Gary has a way of grabbing his audience that few posses. Maybe it is his explosive energy, perhaps it is dramatic sense of humor, or maybe it is the passion in which he challenges you to think, but most likely it is all three combined that makes Gary stand out amongst other speakers. Gary is passionate about being married to his best friend Cherisse, where they live in Northern California. Gary is the proud dad of Mark, Leigh Ann and Nicole. “It does not get any better!”

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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

Naked in Paradise
Coping with life's challenges and learning resiliency. Gary will speak on the attributes that make us successful in our lives, professionally and personally. Learn how Gary escaped from a balcony in Hawaii, making his vacation more memorable than he ever imagined. (Hint - read the title again); this presentation is one you'll remember.
The perfect staff development and customer care presentation. Because life is a stage, Gary will show you how to receive a standing ovation. Impeccable customer care and a professional staff is the command performance in any company or association. Gary unveils nine principles that will make your curtain call one that will last for a lifetime. This is a great follow-up presentation to Naked in Paradise, and a great presentation on its own. This presentation is hands on, high energy, with lots of audience participation. Bring your camera - you're going to want to get this one on film.
Zeize the Day
Spending the day with Gary Zelesky. This is a one day community event where we link Corporate America with your local school district and non-profit organization. Gary has presented to well over six million students since 1975 and is considered one of the top assembly speakers in the nation. Zeize the Day is a wonderful way to give back to your community or to enhance your business reputation right where you live. Ask for our Zeize the Day references of those who have already held this program in their community.
The ENCORE Seminar
Offered as a half or full day experience. This seminar is an experience that you will remember. Gary brings the best of Powerpoint along with audience participation. The ENCORE GUIDE allows participants to review what that have captured in the seminar long after the dust has settled. There is nothing boring about this journey with an agenda that allows for Q&A as well as breaks along the way. This is the perfect seminar for staff development and personal enrichment.
The Ashes of Motivation
Gary offers nine practical steps that capture the power of resilient living with residuals for a lifetime. Life's pain can become life's gain with just a few attitude adjustments. Decrease absenteeism, employee turnover and increased commitment to a team attitude within the work family.
I Can't Live Or Work With You, One Of Us Has To Go (Management Skills)
Gary offers six ways to motivate those you manage and those who manage you. This is a relational based workshop that celebrates the diversity within the work family. Increase profits through quality staff and customer care.


  • Management Skills (I Can't Live Or Work With You, One Of Us Has To Go)
  • Motivation
  • Youth/College Motivation


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