Jim Davidson

Resilience Expert; Expedition Leader; Adventure Speaker

Fee Range?: $12,500 - $15,000
Traveling From: Colorado

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Jim has mesmerized audiences across the USA and internationally as a keynote speaker and trainer since 1990. His amazing tale of resilience is described in a new adventure memoir that Jim co-authored with Pulitzer-finalist journalist, Kevin » Read Full Bio

Jim has mesmerized audiences across the USA and internationally as a keynote speaker and trainer since 1990. His amazing tale of resilience is described in a new adventure memoir that Jim co-authored with Pulitzer-finalist journalist, Kevin Vaughan, “The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier.”    

Prior to becoming a motivational speaker, Jim’s business achievements included: Leading hundreds of training workshops for scientists, lawyers and corporate managers; Working 20 years as an environmental consultant, expert witness, & corporate manager; Founding and running a consulting firm, Alpine Environmental Inc; Earning degrees in geology (B.S. from University of Massachusetts-Amherst) and environmental geology (M.S. from Colorado State University); Painting electrical towers charged with 230,000 volts for his father’s painting business.  

During his 30 years of high-altitude climbs, rescues, and dramatic survival situations, Jim has: Summited the sixth highest peak in the world (Cho Oyu at 26,906 feet in Tibet); Climbed and led expeditions to Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico & Nepal; Spent more than a year of his life sleeping in soggy tents; With training in wilderness first aid, avalanche safety, and vertical rescue, Jim honed his resilience expertise in the field as an expedition leader, ice climbing instructor, and mountain rescuer.  

Jim has: Volunteered to rescue other hikers and climbers on numerous occasions; Been commended twice by the U.S. National Park Service for leadership and personal sacrifice on mountain rescues; Saved himself from 80-feet deep inside a glacial crevasse; Of special interest, Jim’s compelling survival story is featured in a one-hour episode of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” on Animal Planet (the “Killer Crevasse” episode from 2011).  

Jim lives in Colorado with his two adventurous children and his very, very tolerant wife! Every spring, Jim volunteers to teach hundreds of elementary school children to climb. He is an avid rock climber and ice climber. Jim enjoys skiing, backpacking, photography, racing numerous half-marathons and one marathon (3:42), and even running up a 14,000-foot peak occasionally.

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Everest Resilience - Surviving Adversity & Succeeding with Challenges
Resilience is crucial for enduring uncertainty and embracing opportunities. Expedition climber, Jim Davidson, knew that climbing Mount Everest would require enormous resilience. While Jim was on Mt. Everest in 2015, the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake slammed Nepal. The demand for resilience had never been greater. In this unique presentation, Jim shows his first-hand videos and he reveals gripping stories of enduring earthquakes, avalanches and uncertainty. Topics include harnessing personal resilience, staying resilient during a crisis and after, resilient leadership & organizational resilience, how post-traumatic growth improves people, organizations & communities. The insights and lessons in this stunning keynote will increase your team's organizational resilience, and improve your ability to survive and succeed when engaging Everest-sized goals.
Rally Your Resilience - Reach Your Summits in Business & Life
Buried alive inside a glacier. Trapped alone 80 feet down inside a dark crevasse, with no rescuers coming. Jim Davidson barely survived after a snowbridge suddenly collapsed beneath his feet, dropping Jim and his partner deep inside a hidden glacial crevasse. Somehow, he had to climb up an overhanging ice wall of the crevasse before time ran out. How does someone face tremendous challenge? How can you overcome adversity? When you experience Jim's compelling, inspirational presentation, you learn valuable lessons about persevering through overwhelming difficulties, rallying resilience to overcome adversity, and confronting setbacks as you reach for your summits in business and life. From this epic experience, Jim shares an uplifting message that inspires organizations and audiences to be resilient and triumph over life's crevasses.
Power of Partnership
On icy mountains all over the world, strong climbing partnerships accomplish great deeds and fuel incredible survival feats. As a high-altitude climber for 33 years, Jim Davidson knows first-hand about powerful partnerships. Come hear compelling adventure tales and learn mountain-tested techniques for being a solid partner, so that you and your teammates can reach your highest goals. You will be energized and inspired to develop great partnerships.
Resilient Leadership & Engaged Teamwork
High-altitude expeditions and rescues face rapidly changing conditions, limited resources and uncertain team dynamics just like today's fast-paced business world. By examining some exhilarating mountain rescues that Jim and his teammates did in Colorado and Alaska, Jim facilitates a unique, interactive leadership presentation on developing resilient leadership skills, promoting engaged teamwork, and adapting to change while reaching your goals. Jim shares stunning mountain photos and riveting stories to set the stage, then the participants work in groups to be the rescue team. They analyze the complex situation, identify key leadership and teamwork skills, and develop solutions to intricate resource problems. Jim facilitates energetic discussions and brief self-reflections that help attendees expand their capacities and apply the lessons to their careers and personal lives.


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