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Generational Management Expert ; "A Shot of Energy!" ; Motivational Business Speaker

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
Traveling From: Texas

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Karen McCullough is a nationally known keynote speaker and expert on change, generational opportunities and workforce trends.  

Karen helps organizations cut through the generational stereotypes and get back to reality by leveraging their » Read Full Bio

Karen McCullough is a nationally known keynote speaker and expert on change, generational opportunities and workforce trends.  

Karen helps organizations cut through the generational stereotypes and get back to reality by leveraging their team's strengths, enriching the work environment, and driving better results. Each of her presentations brings a realistic perspective on workplace trends, employee engagement, while offering actionable content.  

BONUS! She's fun! She creatively blends current research with humor, concepts and stories, moving participants to take action.  

For the past 15 years Karen has shared her insights to top organizations such as VMware, Procter & Gamble, US Department of Justice, JPMorgan Chase, Symantec, McGraw-Hill, National Homebuilders, Shell Oil, Mercedes Benz, The World Bank, American National Insurance, Humana, United Way, American Heart Association and MD Anderson Cancer Center.  

Before her speaking and early in her career, Karen owned and operated several retail fashion stores in Houston, Texas. Often, she hired many young employees with no workplace experience and zero in the retail industry. Karen had the keen ability identifying inexperienced workers who had the potential to become great employees- and they did, many staying on for years! Little did she know that these early years were the foundation for her passion understanding and managing all generations.

She began speaking in 2000 and began to learn more and study generational differences. Today her interest in the generations has become her passion and mission. Her programs include case studies, current research, and up to date new information and discoveries about Millennials and soon to be in the workforce Gen Z.

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Speaker Programs (Click on each program to view the description)

Change Is Good...You Go First - Leading Change
The economic forecasts, advancing technology, and a shifting demographics, have us all in a perpetual cycle of change and some call it "change fatigue." Karen McCullough's keynote, Change is Good, promises to change fatigue into enthusiasm! Her positive approach to change allows audiences to open their thinking, shift their mindset and become leaders of change. Many speakers talk about CHANGE! but not only does Karen debunks age-old myths - she gives the audience a formula consisting of 3 keys on how the change process works. Her energetic presentation includes stories, current research and practical solutions that leave you with the tools that will help you better connect, communicate, and create a real change in your organization and life.
The Generational Advantage - New Rules - New Tools
With four generations in the workplace and five in the marketplace, the days of "one size fits all" and "treat everyone the same" are gone as we are learning to accept the needs and desires of the individual. As more and more Millennials, enter the workplace, they are influencing and changing the rules, including the way we do business, give recognition and feedback, embrace technology and conduct meetings and interactions. More than ever, effective leadership is critical to your organization's success. Today's highly diverse workforce recognizes the value collaboration and innovation. Leaders need tools to help them create an environment of generational harmony, collaboration, productivity, creativity, and innovation. Tapping into the knowledge and strengths of you multi-generational team will give the Generational Advantage!
Beyond the Brand, Experiencing "WOW" Customer Service
Forester research stats that 90% of American consumers form their perception of companies based primarily on the service experience. Discover a new way of thinking about the customer experience through employee understanding and living your BRAND. Today many businesses are redefining their mission and vision as their brands expand into customer and employee engagement. Your brand is the core of your company, the heart of your business, the soul of your culture, and the foundation for a WOW customer experience. The way you get to WOW is through employee engagement. Engaged Employees are critical to the success of every organization. Engaged employees perform at high levels, create emotional engagements with the customer. Karen McCullough has worked with some of the top organizations and leaders and she has discovered what separates truly connected high engagement teams and leaders from the rest- they live their brand. Living the brand is exciting, and it will empower your team and create brand champions that can only give WOW service! When your employees are in alignment with your brand, the results are amazing and create a WOW customer experience. Rediscover what makes your business one in a million!
Next-Generations Leadership, Talent Development
Q: Why do we need programs on talent development? A: In short, because the future of work is changing. We are experiencing the biggest shift since the introduction of the internet. New processes, technologies, and the onset of Millennials are transforming the business world. And there's another shift happening, "The Knowledge Bank" is shrinking as more and more executives eligible for retirement are exiting. Very soon organizations will replace decades of established experience with the next generation of leaders. This program will share skills every next generation leader (and experienced leader) needs to grow, succeed, and lead. Great Challenges lead to Great Opportunities!
Selling to the Generations, The Future Is Now!
No doubt about it- Millennials (78 million) are shaking things up! Along with technology skills and a collaborative spirit, they bring a unique perspective to marketing, sales, and a new mindset that can challenge the most experienced sales team. There is no silver bullet when it comes to selling to all 4 and soon to be the 5 generations in the marketplace. It's very interesting to see that what one generations values in the sales process is a total deal breaker to the others. Knowing how to sell (and market) to each generation can mean the difference between profit and loss. The key to successfully connecting to each of the unique generation begins with knowing what they each value. Millennials have the ability to transform the marketplace into profits for you and your organization. In this program Karen shares current research and provides specific strategies that can dramatically improve your approach to selling to different generations. Understanding Millennials is critical and it's just the beginning because the next generation is now spending $$$ with technology skills we've never dreamed of, and the evolutionary cycle will carry on.
Shot of Energy, How To Energize Yourself And Others
Karen McCullough is on a mission to re-energize the workforce! Do you ever feel tired and the day has just started? If so, you are not alone. A recent study reports that nearly 75% of American workers state that no matter how hard they work, they feel as if they are not moving forward. Would you like to know the secrets of staying energized? If so, Karen McCullough is here to help! She has been dubbed "a shot of energy," and she walks her talk! Karen shares her personal energy rituals and top ways to increase productivity. Learn how to re-charge your battery and energize others. Audiences will leave smiling, with an optimistic mindset!


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