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The Kitchen Table CEO; Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Business Woman

Fee Range?: $5,000 - $7,500
Traveling From: Arkansas

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Kim Hodous knows about success.  She took a kitchen table hobby and turned it into a seven figure business – despite being a former high-school history teacher with zero business experience.  She combines the lessons she learned » Read Full Bio

Kim Hodous knows about success.  She took a kitchen table hobby and turned it into a seven figure business – despite being a former high-school history teacher with zero business experience.  She combines the lessons she learned along the way with a fresh perspective on life to give an original and inspirational slant on success, happiness, health and staying motivated so you can live life to the fullest.   To put Kim in a box is impossible.  But to try and sum her up, here goes:  She inspires thousands of people each year. 

She speaks for hundreds of organizations & companies annually. She’s spoken to just about every major industry. She is requested by Fortune 100 Companies.  She’s nationally known on the topics of work/life balance, leadership for women, communication, networking (the old fashioned way – face to face), productivity and getting more of what you want out of life.  She’s also a Best-Selling Author, an Award-Winning Business Woman, a Yoga Instructor, the mother of five, and a Sushi Fanatic!  People ‘get’ Kim and Kim ‘gets’ people. Bottom line:  Get Ready!  Kim is a fearless, no-nonsense speaker with a unique perspective and strategies that actually work in the real world.

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LEADERSHIP SIMPLIFIED, DO. THINK. BE. Do What You Want Your People to Do. Think the Way You Want Your People to Think. Be Who You Want Your People to Be (Leadership)
Leadership starts from the top down. It also starts from the inside out. Kim explains how the first step of mastering leadership is mastering yourself. Kim simplifies leadership into three simple steps anyone can take at every level of the organization: Do. Think. Be. Do what you want the people around you to do. Think the way you want the people on your team to think. Be the kind of person you want the people in your circle to be. When you've done that; you're being a leader. In this entertaining program, Kim shares humorous anecdotes and practical ways you can DO, THINK and BE to guide, motivate and generate a sense of trust in the people around you.
IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY, IT'S ABOUT WHAT YOU HEAR, The Simple Secret to Being a Great Communicator (Communication)
Whether you are sitting in the boardroom or at a job site, effective communication can help you carry out your vision, achieve your goals and produce the most positive outcome. In her down-to-earth and sensible style, Kim flips the traditional take on communication from focusing on what we're saying, to focusing on what we're hearing. By using a specific formula we can reinforce our message, put others at ease and achieve our desired result, all while building trust and strengthening relationships. Your audience will be implementing this information before they leave their seats!
IT'S EASIER THAN YOU THINK! How to Do More of What You Want, and Less of What You Don't (Work/Life Balance)
Go to work early, be home in time for dinner, hit the gym, walk the dog, do homework, drive kids to their events, mediate, don't stay up too late; how do we fit it all in? Because the list is never ending, how do we take care of ourselves so we can take care of others and still do our best at work? With warmth, wisdom and wit, Kim provides practical solutions along with cutting edge insights; some amusing, some meaningful, all of them relevant! She believes Work/Life Balance isn't an unattainable dream but a way of living that can be learned; and needs to be taught! As an Award-Winning Business Woman, Best-Selling Author, wife, mother of five, yoga instructor and lake junkie, Kim knows that you can have it all and that it's easier than you may think.
SHOW UP, BE BOLD, PLAY BIG! The Inside Secrets for Success on Your Own Terms
Based on the strategies she shares in her book of the same title, this presentation is chock full of practical, immediately-applicable and always-effective strategies for success and happiness. Laced with personal anecdotes and lessons learned in the trenches, Kim shares what you've got to do on the "inside" to position yourself and your company for maximum growth. Best-selling, award-winning, straight-shooting and laugh-out-loud-funny, Kim shares with the audience her secrets to taking your passion and using them to fuel your career and your company. If you want to be challenged to play a bigger game in business and live life at a deeper level, this presentation is for you!
EVERYTHING IS PERFECT, EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT! Finding Opportunity in Every Situation
Because all of us experience life's obstacles, pressures and challenges, it's easy to get stressed out; or burnt out. Quit? You can't. Complain? What good does that do? Instead, embrace Kim's philosophy of living a charmed life and seeing the opportunity in every situation. With honesty and humor, Kim will share the secret to making every circumstance and encounter a success. You'll discover how everything's perfect; regardless of how challenging, and that you have everything you need right now to make a positive difference in your world. The perfect program to jump start any event or close it on a high note.
Happily EverAfter Isn't Just For Fairy Tales
How to Have a Career, Have a Family and GET A LIFE! Who says life's no fairy tale? Almost Everyone! It's time we women get real- because the reality is that most of us have a career, and a family, but we don't have much of a life! Do you feel like Cinderella, maybe you've even found the prince, but you find yourself still being ruled by everyone else's demands? If this isn't the life you dreamed about at age 7, then grab your glass slippers and let's change it!
Talk Like A Man, Listen Like A Woman
How to Communicate Effectively with the Opposite Sex. Men are not hairy women. Women are not men in miniature! Men and Women have different needs and different communication styles in the workplace. Knowing these differences can save a lot of time and heartache. A good communicator helps guide, motivate and generate a sense of trust in the people around them. And we can all learn to be good communicators!
Social Networking The Old Fashioned Way
How to Master In-Person Networking- And not Just "Follow, Friend or Like" Someone. "Networking has become a buzzword that many of us have a love/hate relationship with. With 40% of people now more comfortable meeting people online rather than in person, online social networking has become the easy default. But the most valuable and effective networking comes from "face-to-face-shake-my-hand" interaction. Kim will teach you how to start relationships right and then keep them going. Her innovative ideas are easy to implement, simple to remember, and meet one common goal: help you grow your network of professional and personal connections.
Ready Set Goal
How to Stop Setting Goals and Start Achieving Them. Break your sales record. Lose weight. Take a trip. Write a book. Get a promotion. Clean out the garage. Save money. We all have goals and wish lists. Yet many of us set goals every year, just to see very few of them attained. It;s time to stop being busy with endless to-do lists while the things that really matter get pushed to the bottom of the list or saved for next year. Kim's proprietary GRAND Goal Setting System will clarify your vision, energize your imagination and show you the path to making your goals and dreams into your reality.
How To Make Money Doing What You Love
Even if you're not Sure How! Kim shares the inspirational story of how she went from a stay-at-home mom to running a seven figure business-even though she had NO business experience. Her fun,easy and interactive program will inspire students to believe in themselves and their ideas, be risky without being reckless and provide practical solutions for doing what you love- for the rest of your life!


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