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Intentional Safety Success Speaker; Taking the Pain Out of Work

Fee Range?: $7,500 - $10,000
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From the man who says...”Safety Has No Quitting Time” and loves taking the pain out of work, Randy Powell is a Motivational Speaker, Star Communicator and author of the #1 safety leadership book titled: “Safety Has No Quitting » Read Full Bio

From the man who says...”Safety Has No Quitting Time” and loves taking the pain out of work, Randy Powell is a Motivational Speaker, Star Communicator and author of the #1 safety leadership book titled: “Safety Has No Quitting Time”. Much of his work focuses on helping leaders become 21st Century workplace heroes, showing leaders how to connect emotionally, have fun and build the types of relationships with their teams that build trust and fuels their success! Safety isn’t boring but you must keep it fresh, new and exciting!

Today Randy provides high energy keynote presentations, seminars and workshops on safety and leadership. His major focus and everything that he does related to safety and leadership is based on building leaders who have a desire to grow and lead differently to get the results they desire! Randy designed his ‘Intentional Safety Success System’ as a two-day event. It’s an engaging, uplifting, motivational and interactive experience that sends your leaders running out to make things better!

Over the past 20 years, Randy Powell has worked hard to change workplace cultures for people and their organizations. His work has reduced corporate risk, taken much of the pain out of work and saved countless lives! But it didn’t begin there; he was born in Boston, Massachusetts and at an early age his family moved to a small community in southern New Jersey. He and his two brothers were raised by Alva Eloise Brown, an upright, strong, educated lady, who was often helped by her mother, let’s call her Granny. As a single parent it was tough raising three boys back in the 60’s, but, she was doing a fantastic job with Kenny the oldest, Randy and then George who was the youngest. On one tough summer day in 1969, shortly after Randy graduated from intermediate school and at the age of 14 his whole world changed! Randy was forced to become the ‘Man’ of the house because his oldest brother experienced a brain hemorrhage and passed away unexpectedly.

His older brother was just twenty-one years old at the time. Randy had no idea that he would become the extreme protective type in the years ahead. Kenny’s passing was hard because he and Kenny were very close. Randy helped out around the home and looked after his younger brother George while his mom continued to work two jobs. Looking back over the events that shaped his early life, it seems only natural that he would grow up and ultimately live a life of concern for the safety and health of others.

After working for the Federal Government, the Air Force Reserves and in various corporations within the private sector; he began studying a life-altering program, cleverly titled the “Blueprint for Life”. It was during that study that he discovered a void in his life, but still, he had more questions than answers. As his wife watched, seeing him frustrated and confused, she finally said: “You’re supposed to be speaking”. But, he ignored her comment because he couldn’t see what she saw in him.

Without giving up, she led him with love and eventually to Toastmasters International. It was during his early years at Toastmasters that he developed a burning desire to fill that void he’d felt deep inside for so long as he began to discover his special gift for public speaking.

When he’s not working he is at home in Temecula, California with his wife Susan and their small dog, Winston Churchill Powell. Randy and Susan love to cruise whenever possible and much of his spare time is dedicated to mentoring and speaking to local non-profits when requested.

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SAFETY HAS NO QUITTING TIME, The Road to Excellence in Safety!
What's different about the economy and the world that we do business in today? Everything! We live and work in an era of information and action. In order to minimize the pain caused by injuries, medical costs, work interruptions, disgruntled employees, lawsuits and rising insurance premiums we must act to improve our safety processes rather than ignoring the problem. Take the right action and prosper by removing the obstacles that are limiting your success; Randy knows first-hand that a poor or ineffective safety process has huge implications in today's marketplace! He will show you how to build a "Best-In-Class Safety Process" that can lead toward improving every major aspect of your business! You can no longer allow traditional thinking and old approaches to safety hold you back from competing and succeeding in a world where employees are smarter and have access to more information than ever before! You must engage your employees and learn to master the Safety Success Techniques of the 21st Century. This program will show you and your leadership team how to connect with employees, build safety champions and win their awesome support which will get place you out in front of the competition while they struggle with traditional safety that doesn't work well!
The Fastest Way to Reduce Risk in Any Business and Save Money (Seminar/Workshop)
Anyone who manages a safety program knows how important it is to get a grip on their program when things are spinning out of control. This program is designed to help organizations get back on track quickly; improve morale, turn productivity and quality into an asset and make an immediate impact on your bottom-line. Show your team the fastest way to eliminate common safety problems. Learn how to close those loopholes in your program and eliminate risks fast! Don't let basic safety problems waste your time; learn the "Intentional Safety Success System" and turn things around for your company very quickly! This is a no-nonsense program that delivers you from the escalating cost burdens and the headaches associated with high injury frequencies and escalating workers' compensation premiums. A weak safety posture is expensive, shed those cost burdens today!
Breaking Through the 10 Greatest Roadblocks
to Safety Excellence (Seminar/Workshop
Speech Premise- History tells us the challenges are that we're likely to face again and again if we don't act to remove them permanently. Break through the 10 greatest roadblocks and you'll be on the road to building excellence in safety and a "Best-In-Class" organization with Safety leading the way!
How to Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary, Becoming A Safety Champion (Seminar/Workshop)
Safety Champions are not born, they develop over time and with the right leadership guiding them along and building their confidence! Every organization has its sub-cultures and among them are people who others will follow, even if they're not in a leadership position.
Empowering the Leader Within (Seminar/Workshop)
The leader within is a powerful force that no one can foresee control. The best that you can do is to embrace the call to lead when and if arrives at your doorstep. If you're called to lead and you didn't seek it, your first question might be why me and the answer might be, why not you? To be called to lead others is something that is reserved for people who may or may not have the desire, need or ability to lead others when they are first given the task. It may even seem to be a daunting and an unsettling task.
Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life! (Seminar/Workshop)
The Attitude you carry around and display to others will either support your cause or limit your success. Your attitude says everything about the type of person you are and will attract or repel others you come into contact with in your daily lives. Your attitude affects every aspect of your life and you can improve by understanding it better. The pre-programming You've received when You were a child may be what's holding You back! Negative programming has been the cause of holding back many people from reaching their potential and enjoying happier lives and enjoying what the world has to offer.


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